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  1. Bent Ply Photo Frame

    Bend an odd number of layers of thin bendy ply around a form (including a piece of veneer with marquetry as the front and back layer). Cut the formed piece to shape using a scroll saw. Secure the clear acrylic photo holder with hand made (and threaded) nuts and bolts made on the metal lathe.
  2. Nuts/bolts/screw organizer

    I updated this posting with additional photos. Hopefully this will provide a better idea of how is swings in and out and how it's mounted. Mitch
  3. Workshop Bins

    If you're like me… just a tad OCD - like to have things organized, uniformed, and for crying out loud…. able to find what you are looking for; well I think you'll relate to this post. I wish I had before photos of the mess, but you can imagine. Various shape and size bins, old butter...
  4. Space saving rolling clamp cart.

    I already blogged on this one both here on Lumberjocks, and where I go into more detail about completing the build, and where I...
  5. Celtic Cross

    Finally finished this up a couple of days ago. It is Maple with several coats of spray poly. This one is about 8" tall, and I think I'll also make a stand for it too. I plan on using it as a gift to a friend that likes Celtic items.
  6. Shop-Made Rugged Stubby Clamps

    Using eight hardwood scraps (from an old chair seat), a bit of epoxy glue and few standard hardware pieces I was able to build myself those four handy clamps. And no way they will mar my projects as C-clamps do ! I could have used nuts and wing-nuts (shown on photo #5) to set and tighten them...
  7. Rustic Side Table and Time Lapse Video for Summers Woodworking Contest 2014

    Hi Lumber Jocks and Janes, I made this side table out of half of an old reclaimed 2×4 for Summers Woodworking Contest 2014. I wanted a bolted together look with no apron because I thought it would be an interesting contrast between fragility and strength. The other contrast effect I was going...
  8. The Mean Grinch

    This little guy began as a sketch I did one evening and I decided I wanted to see what I could do with the epoxy inlays I have been trying. Then I decided to do it as a how to blog which you can find here I am not going into the how to's here, I...
  9. Additional Photos of the entry table.

    Here are additional photos of the entry table for the contests. Work still ongoing until final submittal. Please all comments welcome…. I am thick skinned. :)
  10. Hardware Storage for the new Shop

    I have finished my hardware storage for the new shop. I need to thank lumberjocks Kent Shepherd and Grelcar for the inspiration of this cabinet. It is plywood dado shelves and same trim detail as I trimmed the doors and windows with. Made the Crown out of some scrap pine. Stained to match...
  11. Wood Rack w/ Panel Saw

    Here we have my just finished wood Rack with Panel saw attached. I kinda got the idea for the rack from someone on here (a lady) and the wood whisper. I chose to use the 2×4 horizontal for space instead of vertical like the wood whisper, the lady did it this way. The Short supports come out...
  12. Surfacing a panel with a Router

    I just posted a blog on making and using this method of surfacing panels.
  13. Modern Style Cedar Bench

    This bench is made with cedar boards for the seat and cedar 4×4s for the legs. I designed this bench a couple of years ago, as it was meant to match a raised flower bed I had also built. I decided to add a white stripe down the middle and incorporate the posts and the hardware as part of the...
  14. Cartridge Pens

    Here is a couple of cartridge pens. The first one is black walnut and number two is red cedar. Both are on 30/06 cartridges with a CA finish. Now if I could only take pictures.
  15. Hardware Bins

    Bins and shelves made of 1/2" construction ply. Bins are 4" x 8" x 2 3/4" tall. Glued and nailed. We will see how bad it sags.
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Many years ago I bought a cast iron Chimenea from ACE hardware. Every few years I have to replace the vertical chimney due to the sheet metal rusting. The chimney is attached to the cast iron top using 10-32 bolts a half inch long. They screw through holes in the vertical pipe into threaded...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Today got up into the 60s so I decided to start with an outdoor project - replacing the broken wood handle on my wheel barrow. For the last few weeks I have regularly sprayed the nuts with WD-40 hoping that they will become loose. They did not. So my question is will stainless steel bolts and...
  18. Marketplace Classifieds
    UPDATE: They have all been spoken for! SOLD OUT! I have 450 of the handles in the pictures below! I have had them for a while now and will never use them all so i would like to offer them to any LJ that wants them (or some)... all i ask is you pay shipping! you dont have to take them all…. 1...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Home Center prices for hardware is insane. I've been looking online for a reputable place to order fasteners in bulk (boxes of 50, 100, etc). I found a place called BoltDepot that seems to have anything you could want (except cross dowels). Anyone have any other suggestions?
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am relatively new to woodworking (2 years) and I'm basically self-taught. I'm reading like crazy, keeping Band-Aid in business and asking questions galore. The 1983 Skil Table saw that was given to me just kicked the bucket so I need a new one! Most of my projects will be finish carpentry type...
1-20 of 37 Results