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  1. Bolivian Rosewood (Morado) display jewelry case

    Good afternoon lumberjocks ! Today I'm sharing a Bead box commissioned for a lady in Millbrook New York. This box is made especially to house her collection of "Troll Beads" These interchangable beads come in many colors and designs are are currently the "fad" in sheik jewelry...
  2. Bowl

    turned bowl with top. bolivian rosewood.
  3. Quick Lazy Susan

    I was in one of those strange places where I could not work on a big project because I didn't have time to work to a stopping point, and yet I absolutely had to do some woodworking. This is an afternoon project designed to organize our supper table and score points with my bride (success, both...
  4. Frog Intarsia

    This Intarsia project was pretty much done by the book by Kathy Wise (3rd photo). However, I made it about twice as big to fit the scale of our master bath where it will be hung. The stick is 4/4 Bolivian Rosewood (24" long to give a sense of scale). The rest is 6/4 Yellowheart, some of which...
  5. Bolivian Rosewood Wallet Box

    I needed something to drop my keys and wallet in and I came up with this. It's a very simple design with Wenge miter keys and a Cedar bottom. It measures about 6X6X4tall. The finish is sprayed on polycrylic. Thanks for taking a look. See you next time. Joey
  6. Quilt pattern cutting board

    This CB is made from Bolivian rosewood, shedua, sugar maple, black walnut, yellowheart, bubinga. It measures 12×18 x 1 3/8. After observing my sister's quilt she was making, I decided to try and make a quilt pattern CB. After cutting all the pieces 45 deg I started to glue them together, but was...
  7. Urn Box for My Dog

    Another pet urn box, this time for one of our own. Curly maple, cherry, and pau ferro.
  8. Saltbox

    Had some free time between projects, so I made this saltbox today from Bolivian Rosewood and American Elm. I used a 3-3/8 diameter forstner bit to drill out the inside and I cut the shape on the band saw. Himalayan salt included.
  9. My First Jewelry "Art Boxes"

    I made 5 different jewelry boxes using domestic local wood with exotic wood accents. Each box is made differently from the next. Box 1 Material used: Maple, purple heart, blue acrylic, blue and purple felt interior Size: 4 1/8×7 x 11 inches Finish: 5 coats of Danish Oil Box 2...
  10. My first jewelry box

    This project took me some extra time to do. Bolivian Rosewood and Wenge with a bit of Cocobola on the bottom. Used about 15 coats of lacquer for a piano type finish. It takes alot to fill in the grain of that Wenge and took about a month to do the finish and get it all cured up. Making small...
  11. Mantle Clock

    Mantle clock made from Sapele, Bolivian Rosewood, and a little Curly Maple. Bought a clock kit from Woodcraft for the movement and clock face. Didn't follow any plans just used some pictures for ideas and sized to fit clock face. Finished with boiled linseeed oil, minwax polycrylic to seal...
  12. Board 6

    This edge grain board with purpleheart, osage orange, maple and bolivian rosewood turned out alright. I need to work on better color patterns, still new to all this.
  13. Latest-Tsunami Baritone Guitar

    Have not posted a guitar lately. This is my latest build, number 048 in 36 months. Who would have thought? This one features a baritone neck from Warmoth, with the headstock built by me, a Tennessee old growth walnut body with a redheart racing stripe, redheart knobs, and a Bolivian Rosewood...
  14. Scrap pile or keeper?

    This box is made from Lacewood with the inlay of Bolivian Rosewood. While I was Sculpting this I carved through the rosewood. I started to scrap it, but decided I liked it. What do you all think? Scrap pile or keeper? Joey
  15. Tiger Maple and Rosewood

    I really love this one. It's going to be tough to see it go. While it is a fairly basic box, the wood is incredible. The box is Tiger Maple with Bolivian Rosewood miter keys. the lid is made of strips of the same Maple and Bolivian Rosewood with a handle made of Chechen (Caribbean Rosewood)...
  16. picture frames

    I love making picture frames and giving them away. the one with the picutre in it, I used plywood and poplar, it was a gift for my wife for our ten year anniv.
  17. "Nine Lives"

    I was asked by a close friend to design and build an urn to house a cherished family pet. His wife's cat had passed on after many years of sitting by her side. She wanted a nice home for her for the rest of her lives. Of course I agreed and the design of "Nine Lives" shortly followed. "Nine...
  18. Rosewoods and Curly Maple with a little Wenge

    I believe this is my best creation to date. I started off with a basic Bolivian Rosewood box and added maple miter keys. I did not have enough rosewood to make a top so I started looking around the shop. I came up with this piece of curly maple that was all most long enough. The problem was...
  19. I'm Back!

    Hi all, after six months of being without my left arm, the surgery I had has me back to normal. I just got back in the shop and decided to make something simple to ease back into the woodworking. I made a breadboard for my sisters birthday this week. I took sunken cypress and put bolivian...
  20. Bolivian Rosewood Bandsaw Box

    June, 2009-This was a fun little project, and my first with Bolivian Rosewood. It saws and finishes very nicely. A nice wood to work with. The handles are Aspen. It has a tung oil finish.
1-20 of 37 Results