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  1. Projects ''MOON'' DISPLAY BOARD

    Moon shaped 195x195cm, 16mm MDF display board, made as decor for various celebrations. Main condition was to make it foldable due easier transportation in smaller car.....I mean - realy small - FIAT 500. Finish - water based white colour.
  2. Projects Camphor Laurel Cheeseboard "THANK YOU" gift...

    I recently attended our 51st Naval Reunion with the mob of blokes I joined up with back in 1971. I missed out on a good catch up with the bloke who was chair of the organizing committee for something like 4 years. So as a THANK YOU I’ve made this Camphor Laurel Cheeseboard as a gift for him...
  3. "Go" Board Version II

    Someone saw my first game board and wanted one so…......................... I laminated two sheets of 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood together and trimmed it all in Poplar hardwood. Added some stain and a light coat of polyurethane. Baltic Birch is one of the most stable woods for plywood. Laminated...
  4. Where's me clipboard?!

    This is a clipboard approx. 385mm x 250mm x 5mm in size. Its base is a 3mm sheet of birch ply veneered both sides. Pic 1 Reverse side is a Louis Cube pattern of Ripple Sycamore, Sapele and American Black Walnut with a Sycamore border. Pic 3 Front side of Ash Pic 4 The materials. All re-used...
  5. End Grain Cutting board

    I made my cutting board out of white birch, walnut, and mahogany. I did a checked pattern of birch and walnut, with mahogany on the edge. I used a mineral oil finish.
  6. End grain cutting board

    Made this in woods class. The wood I used was walnut, white birch, and hickory and put 5 coats of mineral oil finish.
  7. Endgrain Wooden Cutting Board W/ Oil Finish

    Pattern design on cutting board made up of various woods found in the shop. Completed with mineral oil finish.
  8. Six Drawer Dresser - Bedroom Set Piece 4

    Well, its finally done! The last piece of my bedroom set. This is a six drawer dresser. Its about 65" wide, and 34" tall, with a depth of about 18". The case construction is birch plywood for the top and bottom, maple ply for the sides and center support, and then more birch plywood for the...
  9. Opposite Twins Serving Boards

    I've been 'sitting' on these for a year now due to a silly mistake! These are about 16"x 10", major woods are Walnut and Cherry, the white wood is Maple. Finished with mineral oil. The construction is straight forward. Basically remove the wood along an arc with a router bit, then replace it...
  10. 15 Degrees of Separation.

    All the cuts for this board are 15 degrees off square. i.e 75 degree tilt to the table saw to cut the strips then the mitre express is set to 15 degrees and the table saw blade is left at 75 degree bevel so all cut are 15 degree off. Then roll up on the cut side and glue. Endgrain board...
  11. Cutting Board for Fundraiser

    I made this cutting board for my daughter's Girl Guide group who plan to go to Europe in 2013. To raise funds, the girls will be selling tickets for a draw on this board and a number of other items that have been donated. The board is 12×18 and is made with strips of Walnut, Cherry and Maple...
  12. Slightly different woven board

    This board has a background and accent stripe of New Guinea Rosewood with the main weave of Tasmanian Blackwood and the other accent is Purpleheart. I hope the pics are big enough and there is a bit more detail.
  13. First Commissioned Piece - A LVDT

    So, about a month ago I finished a cutting board (LVDT) for a house warming gift for my old neighbors who bought a house around the corner. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures cause I finished it last minute, but it was basically identical to this one. I took that board into work to...
  14. Dovetailed and Straightailed Cutting Boards

    Centers are sycamore, aside from the striped board which is cherry and walnut.
  15. Oak Trivet

    Simple yet stylish oak trivet.,-accessories-and-serving-dishes./Accessories/Oak-Trivet
  16. Sign-In Board

    This is a sign-in board that I did for a Bar Mitzvah for my son who is a skater boy. The body is made of cherry, maple scroll/Torah with cocobolo spindle accents. 5 skateboard blanks with brass screws and finishing washers were used to be the white space to sign-in on. The whole piece was...
  17. Cheese and cracker boards

    Three more cheese and cracker boards that my wife helped design for my next show. We really like the maple and Purple Heart contrasting colors If interested in purchasing send me a private message tks
  18. Board Cabinet

    This cabinet has the sole purpose of storing table leaves (or boards). There are thirteen leaves here…they fit into a quarter sawn white oak extension table I also made. The drawer on top is to store things like table cloths and silverware. The wood is reclaimed wormy chestnut from a tobacco...
  19. Quick cheese boards

    We had a "Secret Santa" gift exchange at the office, so I decided to make a quick and simple cheese/serving board from the cutoff bin. We also needed a little something extra for a gift bag we gave to "Snow Plow Neighbor" who so thoughtfully clears our driveway, so I just made the glue up a bit...
  20. Cutting boards and trivets!

    Made some more cutting boards and trivets after getting some inspiration from this website. The first one is cherry, maple, and barn wood elm. The second is cherry and maple. The third and fourth are barn wood trivets. Just took off two random boards and made an end grain trivet out of them...
1-20 of 500 Results