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  1. Deadblow mallet

    I built this deadblow mallet with *********************************** for the head, and hickory for the handle, wedged with a little bit of walnut. I followed a plan that I had saved on my computer from a long time ago, from Shop Notes magazine? I can't find the original plan anymore, just the scan I have. The pockets...
  2. Wooden Krenov-Style Smoothing Plane, Adjusting Hammer

    Specs: Plane: -2" Hock iron with chipbreaker -about 9.5" long -*********************************** (eucalyptus) body -Ebony Sole -3/8" brass cross pin with ebony "cross block" -Hickory Wedge -50 degree bed angle, with a 5 degree back bevel I ground into the iron. I wanted a high angle plane for figured stuff. -It...
1-2 of 2 Results