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  1. DIY Butcher Block-Styled Modern Skinny Desk

    Hi Everyone, First time visitor and poster to this forum (literally just learned about it). Been woodworking/building for the better part of two years now. Started my blog on my builds about a year ago, and my YouTube channel on my builds about 2 months ago and love every second of it...
  2. A Christmas Manger Shed

    I was asked by a neighbor to make a little rough style shed that she could put her manger items around for her home at Christmas. I was looking for some pallet wood wasn't able to find any so i looked in the workshop and I only found a couple of little pieces. And then I found my red cedar...
  3. Black walnut and white oak cutting boards

    My neighbor gave me a bunch of black walnut and white oak moulding. Of course I made it into cutting boards to give as Christmas presents! Very simple; just ripped off the flat portion of the moulding, crosscut, glue-up, flatten, sand, crosscut, sand, sand, profile, sand, sand, and finish with...
  4. Some my recent work

    Most of my work are Hope Chests, Cedar Chests and Memorial Boxes. I also do special projects and restorations. The Corner Display Case/with three glass shelves was for a local funeral home.
  5. my first handsaw

    Hey everyone, I've been pretty busy lately, but I got a little time in the shop and was able to build this saw. It has a brass back that I slotted on my schools horizontal mill, and a .020 1095(I think) springsteel plate. I made he nuts by hand using 9/16 brass bar stock. I got all of my...

    I cought one of these a few years ago what an amazing fish fought for 8 hours before we landed it. Beautiful eating when smoked.
  7. Tablesaw Router Extension

    This is a router table extension that I added to the Right side of my Ridgid TS3650. It is supported under the cast iron wing, and does not hang on the rails. The top is 1-1/4" Melamine with a Woodpeckers Phenolic plate and a Rockler fence. I keep a Milwaukee 5615 router installed, soon to be...
  8. This "wall cabinet" has 2 secrets!

    We are expecting our first child. This means the nursery is going to be where currently our spare bedroom is. I hated to lose the spare bed for visitors (as we live on the coast of NC and we now may have grandparents visiting more often). So… Murphy bed to the rescue! As you can see, it...
  9. Mantel with TV addition

    Had to add height to this mantel piece to accommodate the flat screen TV
  10. surfboard tables

    Laminated Maple, Cherry, Walnut and poplar for restaurant bar tables.
  11. A Birdhouse Update

    My apologies, this is not a "NEW" project, but an update on the project posted in February. I received photos of the project after it had been decorated for the annual auction. The kids put their thumbprints all over the house and the teacher or someone created a ladybug / ivy motif around...
  12. Pen -n- Pencil Set

    The pen turning bug bit me after Christmas. Here is my first set I've made. Made from figured Maple with a slight bit of spalting. Finish is 5 coats of gloss lacquer.
  13. "Autumn Sunset" a sculpted Watch Box

    This is a commissioned box to hold 8 wrist watches. It is bloodwood with a triptych panel of figured western maple bordered with wenge. The splines are wenge and maple. The handle is black palm. The dividers are maple with leopard wood caps. The finish is lacquer. The bottom is lined with black...
  14. Francis's Book Bench

    This is a bench made for a friend who wanted very sturdy book storage that would serve double duty as a bench. The design was inspired by an article on page 32 of this magazine. It was a real learning experience and I am very proud of it. I must recommend General Finishes Candlelight Oil Based...
  15. Essential Oil Display / Holder

    My wife has been getting into the essential oil scene recently, I think she is crazy, and she wanted a display as the cardboard box was getting out of control and a little ugly. She asked that I build her a box to put them in and when I was looking for inspiration I saw some of these display...
  16. Mission Style Hutch

    This is a Mission style hutch that i bult for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It is solid Red Oak finished with Minwax natural, Poly, and waxed.
  17. N heart M

    From the right side it says N Heart M and from the left side it says M heart N. I came up with the design because I realized that M and N both had flat sides and I could cut both letters in one cube. Unfortunately after only having them for about 4 months my dog got to the letters and destroyed...
  18. Craftsman Mirror

    This was a project I did as a Christmas gift for the in-laws. QSWO, shellac finish. The plans are free here.
  19. Grandfather's Nantucket Basket

    My grandfather (mother's side) began building Nantucket baskets in retirement, which eventually grew to him selling them in art galleries on Cape Cod. The main gallery he sold through was in Woods Hole, MA. This was his final basket that he made before his stroke which left him paralyzed on the...
  20. Andy palm boxes with tutorial

    These palm boxes are constructed of catalpa and ambrosia maple. Front, back and side cut to 7.5" and ripped to 3" width. The length and width of the sides will be determined by the size of stock used. I used 3/4" throughout. The glue up. Marking the location of the hinge pins. 1/4" from the...
1-20 of 232 Results