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  1. Dirty Washer Hamper

    I put this up to show what can be done with timber venetian blind left over ends from short windows. I really like it, and it's very functional, I use it every day. Oh - the meat mallet is what I used after my little pin hammer mysteriously disappeared halfway through making it, - mallet worked...
  2. Bird Box WiFi Antenna Hides

    This is a quick little project thrown together for a work related need. My company had a need to put three external WiFi Antennas around the property, up on poles, but wanted to disguise them for aesthetic reasons, so I suggested putting them inside what appeared to be bird boxes. The WiFi...
  3. Blues Brothers Scrollwork

    Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark… and we're wearing sunglasses. Jake: Hit it. Yup, Jake and Elwood - two of the all time greats. How the world of comedy ever survived after Belushi's death I'll never know. He could do more with...
  4. Paul Sellers Style Toolbox - Oak and Cherry - Hand Tool Project

    I recently completed my first "almost fully" hand tool project. It was a totally fantastic woodworking experience. I wanted to share it here. Brief intro: I thought it would be fun to try hand tools. I bought a Veritas dovetail saw. Got me excited. Found Paul Sellers (I am now a...
  5. Walnut and Pine Box

    This is my first little half blind dovetail box with a sliding lid. It's made of walnut and white pine, and done completely with hand tools. No power. As you can see I have a long way to go in my woodworking skill, but this was fun.
  6. First Shaker Table

    Built this table out of black walnut, harvested near Pittsburgh PA. Took a while because it was a semi-fresh cut tree and I had to wait for drying after hacking into the 8/4 lumber at every step. The wood was very wet. Thankfully my shop was dry. Learned a lot of lessons here: Originally cut...
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    This is absolute INSANITY! Do these people even LOOK before they make their Move? Defensive Driving? What's that? There is also NO Signage or Traffic Lights that I can see! I think the "Driving School For The Blind" must be around here somewhere! WARNING: There are some pretty gruesome...
  8. Blogs
    Scary Sharp Method so just like every other woodworker at one point (what's up with the other every other woodworkers is beyond me…) I was researching and learning about ways to sharpen my chisels, planes, and other blade tools in the shop. Since I am the weekend warrior at this point, and I...
  9. Blogs
    The Original Incra Jig while working and designing my router table I noticed that there are no Incra Models on Sketchup 3D Warehouse at all. I do not have any of the LS positioner systems, and would have liked to have a 3D model version to incorporate into my design and see how it would work...
  10. Blogs
    Found this Wood "Formation". Anybody got any ideas? I found this "formation" on some Southern Red Oak that I am using to build the conference table for a church. Anybody seen one of these? This was found on the part of the wood that looks like it was once an outside part of the tree and either...
  11. Woodcarving
    Four years in the making…a must see
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    I just received this advice in my inbox: its time to try full blind dovetails. Why? If I hand cut dovetails I want to be able to see and admire them! What do you say?
  13. Joinery
    i saw at some point that someone used a dowel pin(s) to attach the end on. used 3 dowel pins and only the center one was glued in place. any one have any info on doing this??? thank you, paul
1-14 of 14 Results