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  1. Man with Brooms

    h 23cm,basswood,hand made,10.03.2013
  2. Sibirian Venus

    h-22cm.basswood ,"Siberian collection"," Russian Baths",rustic.
  3. House Spirit with Besom

    rustic, basswood, 16 inches tall.
  4. Vegetables

    D - 28cm. hand made, birch.
  5. Hillbilly

  6. Man with Bast Shoes.

    h 23cm,hand made,20.03.2013
  7. Tipplers

    47х50cm. basswood, hand made.carving by my husband
  8. Lad and Girl

    alder,h- 50cm.(20"),rustic.1985
  9. Icon

  10. Beer and Fish

    cottonwood,h- 100cm.(40"),rustic
  11. Yardman

    hand made,basswood, 12 inches tall
  12. Chair

    h-40cm. basswood, hand made.
  13. Man with cat

    basswood,2012, h-20sm.rustic
  14. Bathhouse attendant

  15. Grandfather (Кузьма)

    h-40cm. "Siberian collection", hand made,basswood,rustic.
  16. Humpbacked Woman

    h-9",hand made.1982ears.
  17. Plentiful Harvest

    h-32cm. basswood, hand made
  18. Muzhik with Firewood

    h- 18,5 cm,(7,4") basswood, hand made, rustic.
  19. House Spirit

    hand made,basswood,14.09.2012
  20. House Spirit with Key

    basswood, hand made, h-27cm.17.09.2012
1-20 of 99 Results