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  1. Table Saw/Router Storage Cart

    My company moved into a new office back in December and when I went back into the warehouse there sat a large oak board that appeared to be sitting there for quiet a long time! it was huge… 12.5ft(L) x 24"(w) x 3/4" thick! it looked like it had been used as tabletop of some sorts… allittle...
  2. Turning Saw

    Hand made Turning saw based on the Gramercy tools kit which I've had for absolutely ages and finally decided to make. The kit I bought comprised of the handles, pins and three blades. The wood used is quarter-sawn European beech. I believe Gramercy make the handles from American hickory...
  3. Walnut Sofa Table

    This is one of the earliest projects I made when I set up my shop several yearts ago. Finish is natural oil with a top coat of water based poly.
  4. Lathe SteadyRest

    My neighbor asked me to turn a cane for him, and I said sure, no prob…...I've never done anything this long. It's like a gigantic pen.. Anyway, he brought me a 3×3" piece o Poplar. I split it in half, put a 3/8 piece o Walnut in the middle, and while it was gluing, I thought, hummmmm, I'm gonna...
  5. Keepsake Box, Maple & Walnut

    Another box from the book, "Box-Making Basics" by David Freedman. I liked this box from the first moment I saw it but it took me a while to feel comfortable with my level of box-making to tackle it. The body is maple and the top is a nicely figured walnut which you really can't see from the...
  6. Platform bed

    A co-worker wanted a bed with storage, wanted drawers but room was not large enough to pull out drawers, so I made doors on each side. It is a king size bed.They finished the bed themselves once I had it built.
  7. R4511 Extension Part 2

    This is part 2 of my R4511 TS extension. I still have to drill the holes in the front and back angles to mount it and round over the edges but heres my storage concept solution! One problem i tried to solve is when i am using my TS i always have pencils, tape measure, wrenches, etc sitting on...
  8. Walking Eye

    "Walking Eye" is another in my eye based sculptural series. The single iris is mounted in a leg support of wenge. The rings on top are represntive of eye lashes. Again all parts are turned. The eye is created from maple and is again textured to represent the iris with rays as light reflection.
  9. Presents For My Friends

    This is a 1998 photo of my friend Christy in Vancouver who I recently built the casket for. She's still with us but failing. The carving she's holding is a piece I did for her oldest son's wedding which took place in Portland Oregon. I mentioned in the Christy's Casket project about my years of...
  10. Router Table with easy lift

    Here is my first woodworking video, I will try to upload many more in the future (sorry it is in spanish) If you have any questions, feel free to ask And don´t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you like it :) Thank you!
  11. Angled Suite | Custom

    This is a bed that was built a long time ago. It is from the kids furniture. I started with the storage bed headboard and designed everything else from there. The angle concept of the headboard was transferred to the chest and desk pedestal. If I remember correctly, the customer choose the...
  12. Custom Fancy Cane #053: (Extra Large) Manzanita Burl & Black Walnut

    The client wanted a fancy wood version of a cane she currently uses that has a very fat handle that projects a good 7 inches. I tried to match the length and girth of the old cane handle and then proceeded to add more to the size for strength and style. She wanted to place the entire width of...
  13. 1071 Days Later

    Ok so according the the LumberJocks counter it has been 1071 days since I posted my blog about acquiring a lathe. In that blog I posted that I could not wait to post a project made on it. Well it seems I could wait quite a while. However, I finally made something that could sit out in the open...
  14. driftwood plank

    carved from a drftwood plank that was originally part of a dock. about 3ft long
  15. Poker table

    This was my first big project. I am pleased with how it turned out. I used red oak and walnut for my top and white oak for my base. My playing surface is upholstered with 1/8" high density foam and suites speed cloth. I also purchased 8 polished steel cup holders for my top and inserted them
  16. Tool Cabinet

    Just finished my latest tool cabinet. I am fairly new to hand tools, and I set out to cut all of the joinery for this cabinet with hand tools. I found the cherry for the carcass to be very unforgiving when cutting through dovetails by hand, so I switched to box joints on the table saw for the...
  17. Teddy Bear Silhouette

    I found an old water bed frame on the curb on trash day, remember how the frames where massive wood 2x? for rails and head board but they weigh nothing! I decided I needed to build an articulating teddy bear, so I did. The arms and legs are set on 3/8" dowels and glued at the body so the arms...
  18. Knife scales - Madagascar (black & white) ebony

    I made some new knife scales for a friend, using book matched pieces of Madagascar (black & white) ebony. Also cleaned up the blade and sharpened it well beyond what any reasonable use would require. Because I love wood, and I love sharp stuff, too. The scales are bookmatched, so the pattern...
  19. Kids Kitchen #2

    This was a kitchen that I built for my wife's cousins youngest girl. When they came over she always played with the one I built for my kids and they asked if I could build on a bit smaller for her. Built out of 3/4" MDF, primed with an Oil Based Primer and then used a Latex Paint. The burners...
  20. Side clamp - top clamp honing guide + Angle guide

    I was having trouble clamping my low angle smoother blade in the side clamp guide. So instead of shelling out for the Veritas MKII, I cut down some scrap brass. The clamps are made of 3"x1" brass strips. one side it taped 1/4-20 with 1/2" long screws to clamp the plane blade. Pretty simple and...
1-20 of 135 Results