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  1. Projects Cerused Jewelry Box

    My first stab at cerusing a jewelry box. Box is made from red oak, textured, painted black, added white gel stain, then finished. Had a lot of fun with this one.

    Trying to use up a few scraps, I made a couple bookmarks. One is black walnut with wenge and the other is cherry and bloodwood. The purpose of the slots in the cherry one was so it could slip over a page like a paperclip. However, in hindsight, I would make the grooves wider next time to...
  3. Drum sticks

    Simple turning project - a pair of drum sticks out of black walnut. Approx 16" long. Finished with a few coats of Watco Danish Oil. Guitar Hero - rock on! Completed 9-2010
  4. LARGE Entertainment Center

    Here is something I just completed, colors are something that I'm new to but I think It came out alright. I used ebony dye and polyurithane, in the future I think I'll try and find a different option though.
  5. Gemstone Box #112

    This box is the second of the series. Hopefully many more to come. The tile is tiger eye, black onyx and picture jasper. The primary wood is mesquite. Beautiful to work with. I used eucalyptus to back tile so it'll show on the inside of the lid. The pegs are bamboo and the lid is hinged with...
  6. Wenge Wood Man Dish! (or woman)

    African Wenge Wood Man Dish (or woman) The man dish measures 5.5×1.4 Inches. I wanted something not to big, manly with a shine, and have enough thickness and weight that if needed, I could also use it for home defense! Turned with my home made carbide tipped tools, sanded and finished with...
  7. For a Friend

    Here's a picture frame project I made for a friend when his father passed away last fall. The frame is black walnut and maple with ebony splines. The frames contents is a copy of the lyrics to a Reba Mcentire song entitled "The Greatest Man I Never Knew".
  8. Murphy Bed Two Years in the Making | Custom

    This bed that was completed in August 2011 is my Contempo style. This order was actually placed in 2009. It started out as my baseball bed locker murphy bed. I actually built parts of it in 2009 and couldn't get a hold of the customer to find out some more details. Not getting in touch with...
  9. Serving Tray

    Black walnut, 16"x24". This one has a permanent home in the kitchen. Wife loves it. Hand-cut box joints. I see the screw-ups, but others don't seem to. Finish is wiped on satin poly, rubbed out with steel wool.
  10. Walnut end table

    Black walnut, finished just with boiled linseed oil and paste wax. Big mistake - because walnut is open-pored, the wax residue sticks in the pores and makes the finish a foggy gray color! LOL. Had to go back and wipe it down with mineral spirits, then I re-oiled it. Still not delighted with...
  11. Batmobile Bed | Custom

    This is a bed that was completed in January 2010. This batmobile is a variation of my standard car bed. I've built it several ways; raised up on a pedestal, on drawer units and with case goods. For more building pictures see my Current Projects link at or
  12. Tsuru Pot

    This pot represents some of my progress in learning hollowing. Still having a tough time with it… although I like that I can make shapes and forms I couldn't make before. This is turned and carved from wet Black Walnut. I've turned several pieces from this log now… but for some reason on this...
  13. Live Edge Black Oak Benches

    This pair goes with the live edge table posted earlier. Watco oil finish and that's all. I'm confident they will sell at an upcoming show exclusively for home crafted goods.
  14. Cooper Project: Torii Stairwell Barrier

    This is a stairwell barrier that I designed and built based on a Japanese torii gate. It is made of black walnut, black walnut veneered panels, brushed steel, and 1/2" tempered glass. You do not need to have a handrail and balusters for a stairwell barrier. The clients wanted something unique...
  15. Scrimshaw Powder Horn 16; Black Powder Container for Muzzleloading Era Firearms

    This powder horn has been "SOLD" To See other Powder Horns that are still FOR SALE visit my Store ------------------------- UPDATE 5-5-2011: I have agreed to teach a Powder Horn Building and Scrimshaw Decoration Class at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. The date will...
  16. Scrimshaw Powder Horn 21; Black Powder Container for Muzzleloading Era Firearms

    This powder horn Number 21 has been SOLD (12-19-2008) To view other Powder Horns that are FOR SALE visit my Store ============================== UPDATE 5-5-2011: I have agreed to teach a Powder Horn Building and Scrimshaw Decoration Class at the John Campbell Folk School in...
  17. Black Walnut TV Stand

    The only screws or nails used in this entire project were used to make the rolling base with 2X4's. Everything else was pegged and glued. Sorry the pics aren't that great. The pictures do not do justice for this piece. Finished with Tung Oil.
  18. Dresser & Night Stand

    I have been wanting a new dresser and night stands in for our bedroom for a while now, all of our bedroom furniture is dark and the old dresser was natural maple so it kind of stuck out a bit. I managed to make all of this out of material I had around the shop from previous jobs. It is made of...
  19. My First Table (dinning / card )

    I needed to make a small dinning table for my Daughter's tiny apartment. Aprox. 43" X 43" (The table not the apartment) My daughter wanted it all stained black to match some of her decor. So using my own stock to save a few $$ I used Poplar for the legs & apron. and Birch for the top. But after...
1-20 of 238 Results