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  1. Simple Bookshelf

    I've been planning this project for weeks. It's finally finished. A simple bookshelf made from pine. It's been stained with a Minwax Ebony stain.
  2. Evil Tree Table

    I call it the Evil Tree table because quite obviously it looks like an evil tree (to me anyhow). This table was a commission for a friend of a friend of a friend. As usual, I didn't charge enough and put more time into it than I planned to. It came out pretty cool, but by the time I was done I...
  3. Nightstands

    I made two of these nightstands out of reclaimed white oak from the 1930's. They were originally pews in a church nearby that was doing some remodeling and wanted to get rid of a few rows of pews to make a little more room for folks to spread out and not be so cramped (the 3rd picture is one of...
  4. Quail

    A friend of mine sent me a quilt pattern that I used to make this project. That was interesting and fun to turn it into a Intarsia piece.
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    Perhaps the learned teams perusing these forums can help me with this question. In November 2018, I had 8 doors dip-stripped. Some had paint only; others had paint over shellac. On one that was paint-only, very nice 110-y-o Douglas fir, my wood putty is leaving a black stain behind as I sand...
  6. Finishing
    Hi everybody! I am making an Urn for my son's large black dog. I have some red oak (almost white not the pink color) I like the raised grain of Oak for its texture. I don't want to get into the "burning process" of shou sugi ban, but would like it to look similar to that or even a Wenge look...
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    I need to make a small dinning table for my Daughter's tiny apartment. Aprox. 43" X 43" The table not the apartment. It's only temporary (3 years) and It's going to get a Espresso (black) Stain on it. So there is no need to get fancy or creative. just a simple table. Seeing how Poplar is not...
1-7 of 7 Results