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  1. Turned Boxes

    Here are a few boxes I turned this week. The first is a small box (2"x2") from Black Limba. This was the first time I have turned this wood and really like it. It is easy to work with and is beautiful to look at when finished. The next one is a finial box out of Black Limba, the box itself is...
  2. End Grain Coaster Experiment

    I've been wanting to try my hand at one of those cool end grain cutting boards I've been seeing here on LJ. I also needed some coasters for the coffee table I just finished (also pictured). So I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, and make some end grain coasters. This was more of...
  3. Black Walnut and Black Limba Sofa Hall table

    I just finished making this table. This was as modern of a design as I could come up with that was also as rustic as I coiuld come up with. I really like a Modern Rustic style of design. Had to give the new Saw Stop 3hp saw a workout…man life is sweet with that thing. I really like how the Black...
  4. Black limbs done

    black limba vase..created on my ringmaster..16 rings high with an Incredible limba comes from the Congo and is a fantastic wood to work with.
  5. This table has Issues!

    I made this Cribbage table from a slab of broad leaf maple. It was salvaged from a tree that fell in my parents yard several years ago. The slab is about 2.5" thick 44" long and 16ish inches wide. It sits on 16" hairpin legs. The pegs are turned from Purple Heart and Black limba. So, there is...
  6. More Bent Wood Rings

    Here's a few more Wood Rings I made. As you can see by the first picture, things don't always go as planned. The point is to not give up. I tried plenty of times before I got anything close to what I wanted to make. Now I am beginning to have more freedom to play with ides like grain orientation...
  7. Black limba cannister with glass insert..ringmaster made

    The cannister is 8 rings tall, 6 inches and has a 3×4 inch glass insert for flowers..I built a shelf on the inside for the insert to sit on..the wood is black limba from the Congo..great wood to work with but rather difficult to find great figured pieces of wood….comments always appreciated
  8. Jewelry Box

    Jewelry box for the wife. Carcass and drawers made with 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood. Drawer fronts out of a book matched piece of Black Limba then cut to look continuous. Worm holes in the wood create these beautiful orange streaks. Two uprights are for necklaces. Some drawers have dividers, some...
  9. Smoothing plane

    Smoothing #4 plane I made as a gift for another woodworker.
  10. #5 Handplane-Jack Mash

    Western/Eastern handplane fusion. Front/handle inspired by Chinese designs, back is western. Sole is tigerwood, body is black limba and handle is padauk with black grain filler. Norris adjuster, blade PM-VII. Cuts amazing. Gift for fellow woodworker.
  11. black limba vase ringmaster done

    great black limba vase approximately 10 rings high… the shape..comments always appreciated
  12. Funky Christmas tree..ringmaster made!!!!

    ⁉️❗️I made this 10 years ago and thought why not try another…it's made of African paduak and black limba sap wood..,.each ring is cut at 35 degrees with a 3/8 overhang…the base. Is 3 rings..a 35 degree a 90 and another 35 degree…a fun project''!,,,,,
  13. Tool Chest

    This tool chest is based on Mike Pekovich's tool chest from Fine Woodworking #234. I modified the size a little bit based on my wood. Otherwise, I largely followed the plan since it suited my needs. The drawers were slightly taller than what the plan called for since my plank was that size and...
  14. Jaguar on limb

    about a gazillion pieces.
  15. Black Limba Dovetailed Bookshelf

    Black Limba, walnut and T&G maple backed dovetailed bookshelf I made for my mom last year. I have since learned how to do stopped dadoes and someday I'll get around to making some kind of creative plug for the visible dado on the top.
  16. A Saw Till for Bad Axe

    My first official "big name" commission has been signed, sealed and delivered to Mark Harrell, Mr. Bad Axe Saws. The majority of the build took place in the 12 days leading up to Handworks 2015. There were many firsts in this project- first time using blacksmith made hardware, first time cutting...
  17. Boxguy Does Spline Surgery

    Thanks for looking. As always I will reply to all of you who take time to "have your say." I always look forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions. Ken and I really want more of you to check out the video we made about making and installing splines. Should we make more? How can...
  18. Klein Solid Body Electric Travel Guitar

    This is a neck-through Klein style travel guitar I made as a graduation present for my son. The head is removed and the tuners are mounted to the body. This makes the guitar noticeably lighter and about 8 inches more compact. The body is laminated Black Limba (Korina), the same used to make...
  19. Tarantella

    The Tarantella Coffee Table Dyed Ash & Black Limba 46" long x 26" wide x 18" tall Finished with black WB poly (base) and hand rubbed oil/varnish (top) The spring craft shows are rapidly approaching and I've begun working on a few new pieces in preparation. The first piece is a coffee table that...
  20. Black Limba Magazine Cases

    The woodworking magazines were starting to pile up, so I made a few cases to hold them. I was going to use box joints, but for the life of me couldn't get the joints to line up. So instead I used these whateveryouwantocallit joints, reinforced with brass pins. I'll have to try the box joint...
1-20 of 26 Results