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  1. Endgrain Floor in Bathroom

    NOTE TO THOSE WHO WANT TO DO THIS… Please don't use regular grout like me. The wood shrinks slightly and is allowed to move because of the urethane adhesive remaining pliable. There's tiny little cracks where the wood has separated on the outer tiles in the room. It's not going to weather well...
  2. stem table

    Black walnut top and base with English stem.
  3. Contemporary Walnut Entertainment Center

    I built this for a friend who needed to cover a big 4" hole in the wall where a bunch of wires for surround sound, television, etc. were coming out of the brick. He wanted to create something simple and that complimented the house. It's a really neat contemporary home in Paradise Valley designed...
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    A cop pulled Tom over for doing 90 on I-75. He officer examined Tom's license looked up at Tom and said "Darn it, it's been a long hard day, it's Friday, I don't need the frustration of more paperwork or the overtime. If you can give me one GOOD excuse for speeding that I've never heard before...
1-4 of 4 Results