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  1. some more carvings

    a bison carving relief carving in white pine, finished dimension is 5 1/2"x 7" the other one is a tea light holder made of a fir 2×4, the first useful carving project ive done, besides spoons. Thanks for looking Mark
  2. Bison

    Wooden, bison, wood carving, handmade, present, souvenir, aurochs. All my items are created by me as a hobby. My intention was not to sell anything but if I am able to then I can buy more tools. This is a hand made item and so it will never be perfect. Knife and carving marks will be seen as...
  3. bison #2

    Wooden bison, 125 mm length basswood, danishoil, wax
  4. A little bison

    a small bison made from American walnut, a symbol of power and nobility … and several football clubs)). covered with oil, wax, polished to shine, it gives warmth and tranquility
  5. A wooden bison

    The first attempt to work with ash. A little hard, but I liked it. Well polished, interesting texture…what a corn. It turned out either bison or auroch. Symbol of Belarus and American football teams))
  6. New paperweights

    Found some more coins worth keeping so I made them permanent by placing them into a wooden paperweight. Now they won't be lost in some drawer or box of odds and ends.
  7. Knife: Handforged Damascus Steel Blade, Deer Antler, Laser Engraved, Turquoise Inlay, Bison Leather

    --------------------------------- This knife was a commissioned piece, so it has been "SOLD" If you would like something similar made for you, please email me. Also, I often have knives for sale in my Shop, Click here to see what is currently available email: [email protected]
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have had 3 or 4 ratcheting screwdrivers , the only one that didn't break, is OK , but the teeth in the ratcheting mechanism ,is to course. Has any one had one that they, liked ,with fine teeth ????
1-8 of 8 Results