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  1. Urn for Cremains

    The client's father was a significant historical figure in the world of milllwork. I was presented with a 9.5" long piece of pine 4×4 which evidently had birdseye pretty well through it. Also there was a slab of unknown species burl, inch thick, natural in shape, with some live edge that was...
  2. Birdseye Pine? - Tiny Wood Gloat & Project

    Birdseye Pine? - Tiny Wood Gloat & Project Recently I made a trip to see my brother over in Nevada. On his counter was a piece of "scrap" pine that he saved for me because it looked "weird". The scrap was about 9" long, 12" wide and 1" thick. (See the picture) Turns out that what he thought...
1-2 of 2 Results