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  1. Mahogany box with Birds eye lid , walnut inlay and walnut spines

    Mahogany box with Birds eye lid , walnut inlay and walnut spines
  2. Serving Tray

    I designed and built this serving tray as a wedding gift for a co-worker and his lovely bride. Built from birds eye maple and black walnut. Box joinery holds it all together and the handles have black walnut on the bottom and two sides. Finished with several coats of shellac and polyurethane...
  3. My First Box

    Whew! What a learning curve. The project was modelled off of a video series done by FWW. I made it as a thank you to a friend who helped me land a new job. Therefore, I made sure it was big enough for a bottle of booze, which wasn't as easy as I thought as it got smaller and smaller each time...
  4. Bathroom Cabinet (my first cabinet)

    We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom and were looking at cabinets to replace the old 1960 cabinet that came with the house (see the last picture). But since there was nothing nice or the right size in our price range I thought, I'll just make one myself. So this is my first attempt...
  5. Submarine Ukers Game Boards

    I was commissioned to reproduce an ukers board that someone had had made several years ago. The edges and one of the home ports (large squares) are made of Koa. the other home ports and the corresponding final strip are made of Bloodwood, Purple heart, and Mango. The dove tail slots in the home...
  6. Long Shoe Horn

    This is another long shoe horn made from left over Birds Eye Maple for a current project. the wood part is 20" long and it is finished with EEE and Shellawax. The brass shoe horn kit is from Penn State and I turned the front brass ferrule for strength in the business end of it. Cheers, Jim
  7. Vanishing Point ( orig. Parallax)

    This hexagonal box is in fact two contrasting trapezoidal boxes. The original idea was to make a box with a top that appeared to be three dimensional. By splitting the hexagonal design in two the pair can be re-arranged to suit the owner's whim. Materials are Ebony, Sycamore and Bird's Eye...
  8. Wild Flower Vase

    This is a project that I took on to put my new Festool Kapex to work, Read my review in the Miter saw section of reviews titled $1400 + Tax. Any way My boss and his family own a cabin up in the NorthWoods and his mom has a birthday coming up so he asked me to do a vase for her in a woodsie...
  9. Pet Urn

    This is another maple urn for a friends dog but this one is birds eye maple . It had to be make with Michigan Upper Peninsula (UP) wood. It is 6 1/2"x 6 1/2" at the base and 7 1/4" high. It has the X splines to match the others and is finished with satin lacquer. cheers, Jim
  10. My first table with Cabriole legs

    I am making my first table with Cabriole legs and I need some advise, this is the table in the picture of the coffee table I am making, do the legs look out of proportion for the size of table. Keeping in mind I have yet to put the skirt at the top yet. Thanks Mark
  11. Barrel wall hang bottle opener

    ''Barrel'' motive wall hang opener made of oak, walnut, mahogany and bird's eye maple, finish - wood oil. The cup was made with ''bandsaw box'' technic.Thumbs - brass nails with wide head. The thru hole is behind metal opener, to hang on wall.
  12. Vintage Puzzle Box #3 - Swinger

    Swinger This puzzle box was built using a pre-existing wood box that was sourced from ebay, sure I could make it myself but the one thing I love about starting with a box already made is that I get to start right away on the mechanism. Made from Bird's Eye Maple and walnut. This particular...
  13. An Original Napkin Holder of Wenge, BEM, & Carolina Cherry Burl

    I took a break from building custom Fly Fishing Nets because my 17 y/o nephew was out visiting from Utah. He was staying with Grandma and noticed that G-ma could use a handy dandy napkin holder. So he stayed a couple nights and we sat down and designed for her a pretty darn nice one if I do...
  14. From Another Millenium

    We had a clear-out and up popped this. It dates from the mid-1980's, when I didn't have a proper workshop and did all my woodwork on a Black and Decker Workmate (knockdown bench) in the back yard, on the few good days we have in England. I believe I used a Bosch 1/4" Router and the timber was...
  15. I Phone dock and a great use of cut offs

    I had some bits left over from a table I made with this awesome birds eye maple and here is how I used it. It works great and is Eco friendly too. I gave it to a friend when he was in the hospital after he crashed his bike. He is OK now and rockin it on the wood boom box. Cheers all! I;-D
  16. First Fountain Pen

    I had a Fountain pen back in school and have been wanting to turn one. I had the Vertex click pen from PSI so I figured I'd get the Vertex Fountain pen kit as it's big brother. That blank is Bird's Eye Maple sanded to 600 grit. Finished with BLO and CA then sanded with 1000 grit and 2 coats of...
  17. Curly maple nightstands (Shaker pair)

    I built this pair of Shaker inspired nightstands to match a companion lingerie chest. The whole set is employed in a guest bedroom. The legs, aprons and top are constructed from curly maple. The drawer fronts are birds eye maple, and the drawer sides and backs are crafted from spalted maple...
  18. Salmo Trutto, the Custom Bird's Eye Maple, Mahogany & Walnut Fly Fishing Net wl Black Rubber Bag

    Let me start by apologizing for the pics being cut off 15-20% on the right side. I guess mine are too big at 1024, but I never have this problem on other forums I hope LJ can arrange to make that happen some day. I just shipped this net before Christmas to Arkansas. Salmo Trutto: Named...
  19. John Hall Mirror Frame

    I have been a fan of the Green and Green style for a long time and have great respect for the Halls and their mastery of furniture making. If you are familiar with the Green brothers interpretation of the mission style, you probably know that the Hall brothers were the builders of the Green's...
  20. Family of 5 Wine Bottle Balancers

    5 wine bottle balancers made from Cedar, Birds Eye Maple, Walnut and Cherry..Finished with boiled linseed oil and finishing wax.
1-20 of 113 Results