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  1. Projects A Home for the Birds

    Here's a special request from a friend. I designed an easy way to clean it out and a hanger (both french cleat based) so it can be brought in for the winter. Couldn't resist a little humor on the sign.
  2. In-laws' birdhouse

    This is a replica of my in-laws' house. It measures 52 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 20 inches high. Made mostly of oak with some poplar from free skids from work. It has 12 individual boxes inside. Inspired by John C. of Extreme Birdhouses.
  3. birch log birdhouse

    Here's a simple way to build a charming birdhouse if you have access to a lathe.
  4. My six year old son's birdhouse

    Just finished putting this birdhouse in one of our trees. My son (6) and my nephew (10) built two beaver birdhouses last weekend. We finished ours today and put it up. He had a fun time pounding in the nails, painting, and hanging it up. He's helped me build a few things, hopefully it's a start...
  5. Birdhouse to replace 20 year old birdhouse

    Our old birdhouse has seen better days, built a new one using the old roof. I cut long finger joints on cedar fence boards to make it look like a log cabin and put it on a piece of cedar that I planed Its another one of those almost free, make the wife really happy projects ;)
  6. Dan's Birdhouse

    (posted by MsDebbieP) Aug 21/09 Next month by brother (Dan) is hosting the 1st Annual "Li'l Creek Bluegrass Jamboree" at his home. In the backyard he built a stage (the second photo). He then asked Rick if he could build a couple birdhouses that they could use for a raffle. Rick built 5...
  7. Birdhouse Kit

    So nothing special here, but a friend of mine has a daughter who was expressing interest in making a bird house. My friend has no tools or place to work and felt bad he could not help her. So today I dropped off a bag of everyhting they need to build the house together. I cut and included all...
  8. Bent Wrench

    This was made from some extra oak and poplar I had laying around. It has sat in my shop unfinished without a perch. This weekend I finally decided finished it. Bent an old wrench with a little heat. Welded a bolt to the back. Slapped on some poly for the weather. I'm calling it finished.
  9. Box Jointed Birdhouse

    Solid Maple birdhouse made with box joints on all four sides. The rusted roof was cut from an old fifty gallon drum. The perch was taken off the end of an old butcher's steel. This birdhouse needs some vents in the back and a way to open it for cleaning. This was more of an experiment using...
  10. "A Tudor for Tweeters"

    Heres a little birdhouse I made for my grandmother. She actually helped me make some of it!! It consists of a Cedar everything. Most of the wider pieces were edge joined. I used Tight bond III to make this birdhouse indestructible to the weather, we painted it with I believe hunter green. Most...
  11. Finished Birdhouse

    this is a birdhouse that I made for my dad for Christmas. It is made of cypress, it has a brass rustic keyhole plate with a little skeleton key for the perch so the bird can enter the birdhouse. I used some 3M spray glue to glue the dried moss onto the roof. The keyhole i cut out with a...
  12. Kitchen Birdhouse

    I recently replaced my fence but I didn't want to waste the used redwood. I made a number of different "art" projects from it, one of which was this birdhouse. In this particular project I left the fence wood as it was when I removed it. The birdhouse was then adorrned with other obsolete or...
  13. Surf Shop

    Lately (everyday) I've been in the shop making birdhouses and feeder. My wife has plans of entering in the "100 mile sale". So my goal is 150 houses by May. This is one I did as a Christmas gift for my wifes boss.
  14. crooked whimsical birdhouse

    The challenge: no straight lines and no plan! Just do it! Materials consisted of whatever i could find anywhere and everywhere.
  15. Camp store

    Another birdhouse. This one was a gift for friends that own a campground. they have been so helpful and thoughtful in many ways.
  16. birdhouse on an old wheelbarrow

    I was commissioned to build a crooked birdhouse for Louisville Stoneware ( one of the oldest family owned in the nation since the 1800's). The owner liked to collect old wheelbarrows and gave me this one to use as a base for the birdhouse. It was to go in their showroom as a display. He also...
  17. Small Birdhouse

    Here is a small birdhouse ornament, measures 4" tall by 2" diameter. The ornament is made of walnut and maple. Our woodturning club does these for our community project. For many years we have donated to the elderly in nursing homes during the holidays. For the past two projects we...
  18. Small birdhouse on a stand

    Here is my first 'small' birdhouse on its own stand. Many more to come, i'm sure.
  19. Non-extreme birdhouse (simple)

    After finishing the pull out spice rack, I sat down with my mom and built some inch and a half tall bird houses. We had fun just playing around with the wood pieces. Pine, oak, 2 part epoxy and some paint. quarter inch holes were drilled to allow the tiny bird access to their new home...
  20. Testing Phase

    Hi there. I'm in the testing phase of this Solar Heated Duplex Birdhouse now. I record the inside temperatures at 9am 12 noon and 3pm along with the outside temperatures. I also describe the kind of day we are having like cloudy and or windy. That has a very direct affect on the readings...
1-20 of 441 Results