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  1. Bird Feeder.

    I was trying to clean up my workshop but I had too much leftover wood from the last toy chest. I decided to make a bird feeder (the last one I bought was 4" x 4" x 9" tall and didn't give out feed). I need to work on the roof area meeting the wall to eliminate the gap though. This one is...
  2. Porch Swing bird feeder

    This project comes directly from a Steve Ramsey video I watched on YouTube. Instead of pallet wood I went with an old chunk of Redwood 2×2 we had sitting around the shop. All cuts were done on the band saw since I'm still learning how to use the table saw. My father had the great idea of using...
  3. 12 year old Bird feeder

    My Sophia asked me to make bird feeder for her friend Sarah in 2006, unfortunately Sarah had already moved away. So we have been feeding the birds in our backyard ever since. Sophia and I built this together, so it's even more special. We often see projects that take a great deal of effort and...
  4. Saloon Bird Feeder

    I made this saloon-style bird feeder from two 6-foot fence boards that were 5.5" wide. I read that pressure-treated boards might be harmful to our feathered friends, so I used untreated boards. It has three bar stools and wooden bottles on the bar. The top has a hinge so you can open it to...
  5. Another Bird Feeder

    I'm posting this because I've had good success in selling these in the spring and summer months. For some reason I have gotten a following for them. I have to thank my wife for that she has lots of friends and is always talking up my stuff. I make them out of scraps and cheap materials and they...
  6. Cedar Bird Feeder

    Another project using leftover cedar from my Pergola. The bird feeder was originally a store bought one that had gotten old and was falling apart. So I took it all apart and copied all the parts and rebuilt it as new, only using the plexiglass windows on each side. I also changed the perch...
  7. Bird Feeder Dec.5/08

    I built this feeder for a friend who had a tree cut down this summer and was left with a 3' stump.I made this for her to screw on top of it. Nothing fancy I'm afraid.I'm still just learning.
  8. Another kid project

    This is another project to involve the kids. We made 3, 1 for mom and 1 for each grandma. I got the plans from the Missouri Department of Conservation website and used scraps of 3/4" plywood.
  9. Wine bottle bird feeder

    This a quick prototype I put together for my lovely wife. Works very well, birds love it plenty of access for the birds. I used a $1.95 dollar fence picket and old wine bottle. The neck of the wine bottle sits about an inch or so from the tray. The wife has already asked for some embellishments...
  10. Large bird feeder/stand

    I finished my bird feeder that I have ALWAYS wanted to make! (YEES!) And decided to also make this neat stand to go with it. As you can see by turning the hanger I can fill the feeder without having to get a ladder etc. I had seen this in the Family Handyman magazine and decided I had to make...
  11. Bird feeder "bar"

    Hello After watching this project ( I decided to make one for the birds in the garden It's the " bird's bar" I hope they will drink not too much !!! Thanks to Steve for the idea All comments welcome Thanks for watching and join me to the bar !!!
  12. Bird Feeder

    There s alot of birds in my area and once in a while, during the morning I usualy see a few in my backyard looking for food, while the cat's asleep. I wanted to atract some more to cheer up my morning and have a better view while I take my breakfast, so I decided to make a bird feeder. I didnt...
  13. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

    I've been wanting to make some these. Probably will tweak the design and use solid wood instead of plywood. So I can give them to my sisters for Christmas gifts. Robins egg blue and special walnut stain. Going to put a coat of spar varnish on top. Thanks for looking.
  14. Automatic Bird Feeders

    For Christmas of 2015 I made these automatic bird feeders for my friends and family. I made them following Steve Ramses plans from You Tube ( They have held up well over the past three years, though they are due for a new paint job. Thanks for...
  15. Gazebo Bird Feeder

    This feeder is made from cedar lap siding and treated lumber left over from buillding my home. The dog gone raccoons have really taken a liking to it and they are nearly impossible to keep out of it at night. The base is made from 4" x 4"'s. It is very heavy so the base expands over 4 feet...
  16. Beer bottle bird feeder

    These are great get in the shop quick projects you can knock out quickly. Lots of fun for kids as well. Good for gifts etc.the wood is left over cedar fence Pickett's and an empty beer bottle my neighbors assisted in emptying for me.
  17. Redwood Bird Feeder

    I made this bird feeder for Mother's Day from recycled redwood salvaged from the curb. I made the 3 skylights in the roof from some old plexi-glass. The floor is an open grate; the bird feed goes on a separate kitchen tray that can be taken in at night so that mom isn't also feeding the raccoons.
  18. Bird Feeder - Bear Face

    Each year our friends invite us to their mountain cabin for a weekend getaway and to cut christmas trees. This year instead of taking a bottle of wine or some other meaningless present, I decided to build them something for the cabin. This bird feeder seemed to be the perfect gift since they...
  19. bird feeder

    The first 2 are the pictures of what I made the third is of what I was trying to duplicate
  20. Cedar Bird Feeder

    Simple bird feeder turned from two cedar planks … uses a glass ceiling fan shade from a thrift store as a seed reservoir. The top is 10" in diameter, the bottom tray is 8" in diameter. There is a 3/16" steel rod through the center, threaded on the bottom end with a hanger loop on the top.
1-20 of 89 Results