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  1. Birch bark carving knife pair (SPRAD knives)

    This is the story of the pair of knives I made to send to MaFe, with the plan that he would pick one of the knives for himself, and then send me a sheath for the other knife in return. As I wasn't sure of the size of his hands, I made the knives similar in size, sized more for my large hands...
  2. Stacked birch bark knife handle

    This is a stacked birch bark handle on a carving knife built on a Morakniv 2/0 (carbon steel) blade blank. Pretty simple. Just take pieces of bark, scrape off the loose papery bits from the outside and any woody bits from the inside, punch a hole in it about the size of the tang, and thread it...
  3. Blogs
    Starting my fly rod - finding materials including birch bark I am setting off to make my first fly rod (sorry, graphite not a bamboo rod - one thing at a time) with the goal of leveraging my years of woodworking by turning a unique grip. I am also making a rod for my older brother as well. I...
1-3 of 3 Results