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  1. Reporter's Notebook

    This is a reporter's flip-top notepad made out of poplar for a friend's birthday present. The pencil, hand-planed to the correct shape, features four hidden nails that reinforce the front and back covers. The writing and lines are wood-burned on. Working with poplar was an interesting...
  2. Wooden Binders

    These were Christmas presents last year for all of my family. I made about 20 of them. They were mostly all different veneers on the plywood. The spline is Maple with tiger maple veneer and solid tiger maple on the side of the spline. It was glued with epoxy on top of the piano hinges. The sides...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Here is a simple little tip I learned about that wont change your life, but every little bit helps…. For those of you that shave with disposable razors, you know how overpriced they can be. They fall into the catagory of other overpriced things, like lighting fixtures, window treatments...
1-3 of 3 Results