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  1. Pedaling Cyclist wood pull-toy

    As others have observed, the original pattern for this old-fashioned wood pull toy is pretty flimsy, for children to actually play with. I was going to beef up all the 1/4" thick wood parts and make them about 3/8" thick using Sketchup, but that would require changing some other dimensions...
  2. Balance bike

    Here is a balance bike that I made for my nephew. It is made out of Baltic birch with walnut accents. It is put together with walnut dowels. No screws. The only hardware are the axels and a single bolt that is used as the pivot point for the handle bars.
  3. Cleat System for Bicycle and Kayak Hoists

    Originally, I used the "cleats" that came with the Rad Sportz Bicycle and Kayak hoists (which I believe are made in Germany), but they are really only cheap bent metal. Also, with only the one cleat and so much rope required to operate the system, it gets wrapped around the cleat and yet still...
  4. New Bicycle Baskets in Quater Sawn Walnut

    Similar to my last ones this time in quarter sawn walnut.
  5. Wall Clock

    Made this clock using cedar and a bicycle shaped drawer pull. Store bought laser cut letters. I used copper nails for the in between number spots. Approximate size is 13.5" L by 5.5" H Enjoy! Spring is here-almost time to ride!
  6. Tow Behind Trailer For My Bicycle

    I am making a lot of deliveries within a 2 mile radius of my workshop, so I decided to build a delivery trailer for the back of my bicycle. The trailer frame and tow bar are made out of a couple of Cedar 2×4's that I ripped in half on the table saw. The slats are Cedar fence boards. I...
  7. AnalogOne

    Hi Guys and Gals, Here is AnalogOne, my first wood framed bike. I am an avid bike rider and I was challenged by my good friend, who owns a local bike shop, to combine my interests and make a bike. I designed the bike from the ground up. I first made a full sectional view drawing of the bike...
  8. Folding Card Showcase Box

    This is a project which i made a few years ago, a first year piece. It represents revealing the magic from within. made from Sycamore with a lacquer finish. Follow the link to my blog, to see more projects Hope you enjoy Josh Hall
  9. Blanketchest

    Good Evening LJ's, This is a project that was completed as a gift for my friend Annie and I am Dedicating it In memory of her Dad Which we lost this August. The chest is made of Red Oak, The panels are Painted 1/2" MDF And the chest is Lined with 1/2" Aromatic cedar backing up the 1/2" MDF I...
  10. Walnut Bicycle Beer Crate

    Another bicycle crate for my etsy store. I thought this one turned out well. Cut on a CNC. Finished with penofin. For more information visit:
  11. Oak Bike Basket

    Bicycle handlebar basket made of leftovers from my daughter's recent pallet projects (see my other project posts). The wood was very straight grained and rock hard. It cleaned up beautifully on the planer and jointer. The basket is 4" x 4" x 8" to hold my sunglasses, phone, and a water bottle...
  12. The BirdsEye & The Tiger

    Hello fellow LJ's today post is a repeat of a medicine cabinet I've posted not so long ago with some changes in panels and stain color. This one compose of Tiger Maple carcass with book match B.E. Maple panels. I would like to encourage fellow jocks to give General Finish Dye Stain a try in...
  13. More cedar and pine dovetailed bicycle baskets+ new branding iron.

    Similar to my other posts this time with pine and slightly different colors of cedar. These are CNC cut and assembled using titebond 3. The crate is fully joined using asymmetrical dovetails and rabbets and dados for the bottom. I debated weather to float the bottom to allow for expansion and...
  14. Kitchen scene with bicycle and world globe

    Kitchen scene with bicycle and world globe video at:
  15. Bicycle-Mounted Pie Box

    This is a 13" X 13" box made of white oak with teak lid lift, feet and miter splines, made for a friend with a small pie delivery business. The friend in question has a lot of personal style and does not own a car, only bikes. This is a simple looking box, but I designed it entirely for its...
  16. Easy Riders - The Lamp + Video

    I've been told that confession is good for the soul. So here goes … I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED to my animated lamps, especially the adventures of Dynamo Men. As they become more complex, the "how" is just as important as the "why". The "why" is the easy part-people seem to love them. Easy Riders...
  17. Bike Rack for Car Top

    It's hardly high art, but this simple bike rack is made of scraps and saved me a couple of hundred dollars. The vertical blocks have two lag bolts each going into them from below. The bikes are secured by their forks on pieces of 3/8-inch threaded rod. A long band clamp holds the front rack in...
  18. Hand Tools
    So I just got back from a trip to help out my aging parents, and since my Dad doesn't expect to ever do anymore "tinkering", I filled up the back of my small car with miscellaneous tools that he mostly inherited and then "sat on" for many years. One part of the haul was a very good condition...
  19. Wood & Lumber
    What a concept… Laminated bicycle frames from beautiful wood. This frame is made from Walnut, yellowheart and padauk. I'm impressed. There is quite a bit of information about the wood and wood technology on their website. I'm sure it will be of interest to other LumberJocks...
  20. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Summer's coming - time for a picnic like in the old days. Just saw this on the wife's friend's friend's Facebook page. I know some of you will now have the gears turning (pun intended).
1-20 of 21 Results