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  1. Mini-Slab (Natural Edge)

    I have an Aunt that wants a centerpiece condiment tray for her dining room table that will hold the regular salt, pepper, condiments, spices, etc. The Olive Wood has a deep religious sentiment to her as she wants this to be the focal point for a meeting with her fellow clergymen and dinner...
  2. Knysnawoodworkers festival entrance

    Me and my wife organised the first knysnawoodworkers festival in 2012.we had lots of fun,stress,sleepless nights,new frends but overall at the end it was considered a sucsess.This door and entrance was build with the help of a friend Robbie ponting who did the carvings and door.The roof was made...
  3. Where Am I Supposed To Hang 114 Clamps?

    I had purchased one of those cheap metal angle racks (pic 6) several years ago and thought it would be fine, but it's really just a piece of junk. I was sick and tired of tripping over, and never being able to find the right clamp. Looked at lots of inspiring racks here on LJ's and came up...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I bought this thinking I could use it on my saw but it won't fit over my Delta T2 fence. So what can I do with it? Any suggestions? Really don't need it on my miter saw. larry
  5. Jigs & Fixtures
    I saw some Bessy clamps on CL and bought them on an impulse without researching. I got 4-26" clamps and 2-40" clamps along with a Freud 8" stacked dado set. I really don't need the dado set, but wasn't gonna turn it down since it looks almost like new. Are these good clamps? Was $125 a good deal?
1-5 of 5 Results