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  1. My Most Exposed Project

    Just another trophy. But his one was seen on national television. This past weekend Fallen Oak (golf course owned by the Beau Rivage) hosted the Champions Tour Mississippi Gulf Resorts Classic tournament. The tournament director selected the crystal cup on top of the trophy but wanted a...
  2. Blogs
    Andy Klein is at it again! Andy Klein invented a new kind of woodworking clamp. He modified a regular parallel clamp so that it can be used as both a regular parallel clamp for day to day clamping tasks AND it can also be used as a panel clamp when you want to glue up a panel. The way I got...
  3. Hand Tools
    I was in Mardens today. Mardens is one of those buy up bankruptcy store goods or water damage goods. I cruise the isles every few weeks to see if there is anything I can use. I see some clamps. The brand is Bessey. They are the economy 12" clutch style bar clamp. The 36" ones are $11.95 and the...
1-3 of 3 Results