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  1. Berry Picking Stick W/ Antler + Diamond Willow

    Well have you ever been out picking Saskatoons berries or the like , and found a cluster of berries up high on a branch just out of reach ? You could make yourself a hiking stick along these these lines , that has a built in hook. Just take that hook and reach up and hook that branch, and bring...
  2. Catherine's Pennsylvania Spice Box

    Greetings LJs, This is a present for my one and only daughter, Catherine. As I type, it is on it's way to New Mexico. This is the first thing I have made for her as I wanted to wait until I had the skills to make her something really beautiful (and for her to be old enough to appreciate it)...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Well, it looks like the decision as to what I want for my 70th Birthday coming up has been made. My old Craftsman 12" Band Saw finally hit the dust. I bought the monster used and it never has been a "joy" to use. Problem is, now I have a large assortments of blades for it and I hate to toss...
1-3 of 3 Results