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  1. Bentwood Rosewood Ring Jewelry

    Bending wood is hard…until it's soft. ;) Not sure how many girls are on this forum but no matter. I have enjoyed looking at many awesome projects here and thought to throw some of mine into the mix. This is my first bentwood ring I ever sold and it was a huge hurdle for me as it took lots...
  2. Bentwood Rosewood Ring with Malachite Inlay

    One of my first stone inlays using malachite. I love making bentwood rings and adding other raw materials from nature just makes it that much enjoyable. Any of you guys and gals have ideas for other raw material beyond the ordinary that I could attempt to inlay on my bentwood rings? Shannon
  3. Dresser for 12 year old Grandchild

    This is the first major piece of furniture that I have made since setting up a retirement woodworking shop. It is designed to suit my grandaughters room and was mainly worked out on SketchUp which is also failrly new to me. The timber is a mix of odds and ends of ply,pine,hardwood eucalyptus...
  4. Russian Charoite Inlay on Macassar Ebony

    I finally got around to using some Russian charoite for a wedding set. Probably a bit too feminine for the majority here on LJ's huh? :)
  5. Joinery
    So far I have made 3 bentwood rings out of veneer wood. I can tell I am getting better but there are still two main problems that keep happening. Problem 1: Gaps keep appearing once I am done gluing. Problem 2. I don't know how to get a perfect looking ring when I sand. I feel like know matter...
  6. Blogs
    Bent Wood Rings on Recently, I've noticed several lumberjocks asking about making bent wood rings for the fingers. Here is a link to a nice tutorial on doing just that, making bent wood rings. The instructor includes a section on...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    I just joined this site (clearly) - and I have a few questions about making bent wood rings. If this is in the wrong spot, feel free to tell me/move it. Is there a specific type of wood/veneer that is best to practice/start out using? What is a good waterproof glue/epoxy to hold the layers...
1-7 of 7 Results