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  1. Bent Wood Ring Made by My Son

    Kyle, my son, made this bent wood ring for himself. He chose a bent wood ring blank from some I made a while back, then he went to work on it with sanders, sand paper, files, carving knives, CA glue, and micro mesh. I really like the result. He cut the channel for the inlay banding by...
  2. Solid Wood and Bent Wood Rings for My Wife

    These are two rings I've made recently for my wife. The darker one was made from a solid walnut blank and the the lighter was made from sapele veneer using a bent wood process. After shaping was finished, I sanded them to 1000 with paper. Then, I applied CA glue and sanded up to 12000. Have...
  3. Bentwood Rosewood Ring Jewelry

    Bending wood is hard…until it's soft. ;) Not sure how many girls are on this forum but no matter. I have enjoyed looking at many awesome projects here and thought to throw some of mine into the mix. This is my first bentwood ring I ever sold and it was a huge hurdle for me as it took lots...
  4. Macassar Ebony Bentwood Ring

    I am new to this wonderful wood loving community at LumberJocks and hope you all enjoy some of my recent bentwood ring projects I plan to post in my projects. This Macassar Ebony wood ring was crafted using the bentwood method with a very thin copper inlay. I created this specifically for men...
  5. Sea Gem Ring

    I tried thinking outside the box and added a little twist. A tiny sea shell as the center gem. I really like the top view of it, not as cool from the straight on angle. Really any thoughts would be appreciated, I have very mixed feelings! Lol is it tacky or cool?
  6. Bentwood Ring - Walnut with Copper Lining and Inlay!

    I've been making and selling Bentwood rings for just a little over a year now on Etsy and I'm getting to the point where I'm able to make a stable living off of it! I thought I'd share some of my pieces with fellow craftsmen!
  7. Newest Bentwood Ring Batch, This time with Silver!

    Hi guys, thought I'd share my latest creations! I have so many more veneers I can add to these rings (I counted 74 different species of Veneers I have In my stockpile… It's one way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!). I've been practising my silversmithing skills as of late and feel pretty...
  8. #2 Latest Bentwood/Silver Rings

    Latest Batch, made these two today! Both are Sterling Silver with Ebony!
  9. Bentwood Rings, with Silver Linings and Inlays!

    I've been posting an awful lot of my new designs the past few days here… So have some more! More of my work can be found on my store below
  10. my first few bent wood rings.

    These are the first few bent wood rings i have ever made…Christmas this year is hard for me since i lost my job due to an employer that wasent willing to work with me so i could have a few days off of work after i had a seizure at work and had to go to the E.R…I got my first paycheck at my new...
  11. 2nd set of wood rings

    this is my second set of rings i made for Christmas this year…made them the same way as i have before but i only used walnut and maple with one ring being mahogany…so far most people like the mahogany the most but its the hardest to work with…the grain likes to raise as it gets bent. Finished...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've been waiting for a decent deal on a drill press. It would be my first one so I don't have a ton of experience with them. I know to check that the spindle turns smoothly. Anything else a guy should check for? Are either of these decent models? Would you buy one? They seem like decent deals...
1-12 of 12 Results