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  1. Adjustable Benchtop Riser

    Here's the adjustable riser I designed and built to level boards to match all tools and/or situations at the workbench. It's all made from scrap and only requires a carriage bolt and a wing-nut. As shown, swap tapered parts to ensure all height setups. And it's fast and easy to stow away. For...
  2. Benchtop Downdraft Sanding Table

    I put together this downdraft benchtop sanding table from some scraps I had laying around the shop from other projects. I started with a small pieces of ½" MDF, ½" ply, 1/8" pegboard and a leftover 45 degree PVC elbow. The size was somewhat determined by the scrap pieces, but the long MDF...
  3. Free Form Chest of Drawers

    LJ's A while back I finished a smaller version of this project. This one is about 1020mm high and will be sold soon. The money will go to different charity's like KIKA and WARCHILD. Wood : pear and a type of wood which name i dont know in the english language Thanks for watching
  4. Corner Computer Desk

    Just completed the Corner Computer Desk from Woodsmith Magazine No. 109. 2 years of work went into this baby, and only finished the corner piece. I'm currently working on an extension for the desk. I uploaded a couple of pictures I took during the progress of completeing the desk. I'll upload...
  5. Endgrain Cutting Board

    Made in high school woods class. Made with walnut and white birch. Used router for edges and handle. 6 mineral oil finishes.
  6. Kefir Water Tote

    It's been a while since I have posted anything. I'm glad to be back and have enjoyed looking at everyone's projects and craftsmanship. I make my own Kefir Water to help promote good gut health. I have a friend that wanted to start drinking it. I supply him with Kefir Water and he supplies me...
  7. Bench Top Router Table

    I Finished a Bench Top Router table today. Based mostly on a design by Bill Hylton in his book 'Router Magic', I built it out of 3/4 borg ply, with a chunk of counter top for the main table. That was a tad narrow, so I glued on a pair of maple edges. The fence is a simple clamp down L affair...
  8. Espy

    This turned out to be 2 projects instead of one, the second having sort of evolved out of the first. I'm glad to be done with both of them. The original idea was to glue up a block of wooden matches to create a 'black and white' image. The burnt end of the match sticks would provide the black...
  9. Elbow Grease Benchtop Edge Sander

    Because edges of small parts are difficult to sand square with power tools and even with sanding blocks, I build this benchtop edge sander out of plywood scraps. The great deal is that I can use all torn out sanding belts I've been keeping for years, reason why sized it for my 3" X 21" belts...
  10. Sanding Belts Life Stretcher

    To maximize my benchtop oscillating sander belts, I added sub-tables so I'd be able to use the full width of the belts, which most are not reversible. The upgrade requires only a base, two slick sub-tables (think Melamine), one runner, a bolt, a nut, four short dowels and a cardboard template...
  11. A Princess' Dream Come True | Custom

    This is a loft bed with a playhouse theme. Not only is it a place to sleep, but a place to play, to pretend, and to use your imagination! It is one that I have built regularly, but this one is special. This loft bed had a little bit of style added. A starched fabric was adhered to the panels...
  12. Custom White Entertainment Center | Custom

    This is a custom entertainment center that was built for an out-of-state customer and completed on 11-02-2007. I put a lot of work in this one with it's elaborate details. I built the doors as one-piece MDF panels with a matching arch at the top. The post on this project were hand made. I...
  13. Another variation on FLW Lamp

    i. changes to top cornice 2. View of fluorescent candelabra bulb and base structure Oak sides and scrap wood base 3. Lit lamp.
  14. Coat Tree

    cut out of our woods striped the bark off then did some engraving on it like you would find in the woods, then clear coated. wife said she wanted a coat tree so that's what i gave her a actual tree.
  15. Benchtop Router Holder

    This is a benchtop router holder that I came up with. It looks a little funky and chopped up but that's because I designed it to go with my dovetailing jig. See it here… It works great as a stand alone unit though.
  16. Maple and Zebrawood Desk

    Maple and Zebrawood desk co-designed with my son. Built for my son.
  17. Tulips Bandsaw Box

    This is my 3rd Bandsaw box ever. I gave it to my grandmother and she absolutely loved it. My little bandsaw cannot handle this type of work. Had to do a lot of sanding and it made the gaps way to big. New bandsaw is in the works.
  18. Rocking horse

    I built this rocking horse a few years ago for my nephew and gave it to him on Christmas. The plans and idea came from The Wood Whisper. When he build his. Thx mark well hope you like it
  19. Restored Bailey hand plane #6

    I got this Stanley Bailey #6 hand plane from my Wife's father, less than 2 months ago. It belongs to my Wife's grandfhater, he past away about 50 years ago, and it was abandoned for that many years, my father in-law found it and brought his home about 30 years ago, but he is not a woodworker so...
1-20 of 65 Results