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  1. Set of Shaker Benches

    Well, here's the last photos of the Shaker benches. I hope you enjoy them. I don't mind the sap wood as you can see. It can act as a real accent. I have been bad about getting finish photos of my work before it leaves the shop, and I always deeply regret it. Once again thanks to Martin for...
  2. Live Edge Black Oak Benches

    This pair goes with the live edge table posted earlier. Watco oil finish and that's all. I'm confident they will sell at an upcoming show exclusively for home crafted goods.
  3. Loft Beds, window seats, desk w/drawers

    I was commissioned back on November 7th 2017 to build furniture for a family. I just finished the install yesterday. I built 3 giant oak loft beds, 2 oak window seats, and an oak desk with a 3 drawer bank. Took forever but I have never seen a family as happy as they were! Made all them hours...
  4. Benches for farm table

    Benches to match the table I built for my Mom.
  5. Live Edge Slab Table

    My first live edge table I've ever done, and I made the hairpin legs and the benches too. It was a learning experience, but a fun one!
  6. My new workbenches

    These are my recently completed basement workshop benches. I made them my height, that is, they're too short for normal humans (I'm 5'5"), and it is SO nice to have a bench that isn't too tall for me. I do a lot of sitting down carving work as well and it is even nicer to have a bench that is...
  7. Country Kitchen Benches + (secret)

    Here are two country kitchen benches I just built. Lids up offer great storage. On the last photo you can see the two country kitchen credenzas I recently built and posted on LJ. They were fun to build and they are quite handy. I used glued-up birch and the finish is three coats of wipe-on poly...
  8. Ash Farmhouse Table

    Our latest farmhouse dining table was delivered this evening to some very happy clients. This 96×36 ash table looks awesome atop a white "A-Frame" painted base. Two matching benches compliment this build and slide easily underneath. The table base also disassembles easily in a few minutes to...
  9. Shaker Benches

    I've made 6 of these shaker benches in my 9 years of woodworking. I love creating these benches. Four of them are made of maple and two are cherry with simple joinery no nails or screws.
  10. Hallway Benches

    I made two what I call hallway benches for my daughters for Christmas last year. My oldest daughter wanted a black finish and the younger daughter wanted a cherry finish. I used poplar to make both of the benches and then selected an ebony stain for the black bench. I mixed a light oak gel...

  12. Turntable Table

    I've had this basic design in my head for a little while now. It was originally going to be a hall table but when I found a need for a table for my turntable system, I decided to add to the design and build it for that purpose. It's built with Cherry and Black Walnut and I left a couple pieces...
  13. Armor Branch Patch

    Prepared this piece for one of our soldier. I used Jamaican magau, Purple Heart , ebony,mahogany, walnut, yellow heart, and oak.
  14. Project X - Revealed

    The story leading up to this event is covered here - As Project X and its twin exit the darkness they sheepishly reveal one of their 10 hand cut dovetails. Startled by the flash, they pause, stretching to their full height of around 19"showing...
  15. Craftsman Style Redwood Built-in Deck Benches

    Picture 1: Front view of Bench 1. Picture 2: Angle view of Bench 1. Picture 3. View of completed deck and benches. Picture 4.Front view of Bench 2. Picture 5. Sketchup Drawing of Bench Design with dimensions. These built-in benches are made of redwood. The uprights were directly bolted to the...
  16. My little benches

    I made these little benches for gifts this year. Then painted them and all 3 gals received them just in time for Christmas! They are only 2 feet high and 3 feet long. One gal is going to use hers for her daycare kids to sit on..until summer comes along. Had alot of fun making these and now need...
  17. Aromatic Cedar Table and Benches

    This is a custom made picnic table and bench set that I just finished up this morning. Hopefully it is just what they are expecting or better! 8' long 30" wide and 30" Tall Benches are 14"wide 18"tall and 8' long Finished with spar-urethane with UV protection to preserve the bright colors.
  18. Spalted Maple/ Ambrosia Maple Table and Benches

    This is a kitchen/dining table and benches that I made as a wedding present for my son and his wife. The design is my own which is a modern twist to an arts and crafts shape but done with a non traditional wood. The tabletop and benchtops are made from 7/8" spalted hard maple with a edge band...
  19. Log Furniture conversation Becnh

    Hi all Will this bench just sort of fell into place all by itself, It started with a few logs laying against my workbenk, I was going to cut the left upright log off because it was just to curved, As I was moveing a few other projects around it fell into the crotch of the tall one and wow there...
  20. "Omaha" Bandsaw Box

    Bandsaw box made from rosewood and plywood. The inside of the box and drawer is lined with black flocking. Finished with a blend of boiled linseed and varnish creating a super smooth surface. Want to see more pictures? Visit this link:
1-20 of 53 Results