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  1. Recylced wood projects, Bench Swing, Arbor, Draw Knife Sheaths

    Here are some projects where I used recycled cedar. The lumber came from my kids playground that I have built about 13 years ago. It has been moved once when we moved to our new house. I think I have pay about $700 at the time for the new timber from the hardware store. Now my boy is 17 and...
  2. Out Door Swing and Arbor

    This was made out of pressure treated wood, sanded and stained. Started with the one above my shop door cause it just looked like it needed something. Like many things, one project leads to another and tried to keep the theme the same. Hardest part was trying to fine straight pressure treated...
  3. Backyard Redwood Swing for the Misses

    I built this swing at the beginning of last summer. It is made out of reclaimed Redwood barrel staves. It was probably one of the quicker and easier projects I have done from scratch. I was happy with how it turned out. We didn't have any place to hang it so I just build a frame out of douglas...
1-3 of 3 Results