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  1. Planing stop - for one wild shaving horse

    Planing stop for one wild shaving horse This is my version of a classic old planing stop. These stops can be found in different forms - back in early scripts and even found archaeological excavations, here in Europe. This post is for you Don W , since you mentioned it, in your comment, I...
  2. Blogs
    new tool (sort of) Bench Stop Bench stop! I have an "out door" work bench out by my garage. it stays covered with a tarp most of the time. I've been working against a wooden peg that frequently slips. So Yesterday I took an old RR spike I had lying around. It is almost the right shape to...
  3. Blogs
    Installing a flush planing stop. I have an apron on the front of my bench and it is kind of a pain to find and pop up the dog above my face vise from below. I also have a veritas prairie dog on that end but it is about 7" inches from the front and a little to far out sometimes. So a flush...
  4. Hand Tools
    I snagged this NOS Record #169 Bench Stop off ebay a couple years ago. I didn't exactly 'need' it for anything. Definitely an impulse buy. But for less than $20 shipped…....what the hell. Its been collecting dust ever since I bought it. In fact, it was buried under a bunch of other crap in my...
1-4 of 4 Results