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    A NEW PLANE TILL AND AND A NEW BENCH Background After I bought my new big bandsaw a couple of years ago I found that my shop was too crowded and not functioning the way it should. There was no place to assemble larger projects and I had no workplace for my new interest in marquetry work or...
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    Catching up, or "where we're at now." Yes, another workbench build blog series. Not exactly a novel topic, and I will strive to keep the series to less than novel length as well. Of course, given how long this build has been simmering, if I posted on it once a week, it would be closing on...
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    My First Blog Greetings. My name is Michael and this is my first experience at blogging. Some, yikes, many, years ago when I was doing intensive volunteer work leading non-violence training in a max prison, I got the nickname, Magical Michael. I liked it and have stuck with it ever since...
1-3 of 3 Results