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  1. belt grinder

    I know it's not a typical wood project, but it's a very useful wood belt sander, don't you think? detailed blog about how I made it here:
  2. Bubinga Wood Butter Knives

    Bubinga Butter Knives- they are extremely strong! Fun and easy to make!
  3. Olive Wood Spatula

    Olive Wood Spatula- great for cooking!
  4. Olive/Walnut Tongs

    These Olive/Walnut tongs are great for cheese and pickles, etc.
  5. Salad Set

    This simple salad set consists of a "regular" spatula and a "regular' spatula with teeth in it. Great for salads!
  6. out come from the disc sander posted before

    These are the out come from the disc & belt combo sander I have posted before. Marking knives are made from cheap spade blade. Small cups are needle holder requested by my wife who installed pin cushion. (see the last photo)
  7. Gil-Bilt 6"x48" Belt Sander

    A few months ago, a gentleman gave me a partially constructed Gil-Bilt 6"x48" belt sander kit he purchased from Gilliom Mfg. in 1976 and never got around to building. Although parts were fairly rusty and missing hardware from years stored in his barn, it did have complete plans, which made...

    Video link I made this belt sander attachment with a good precision adjustment fixture for someone that does not have a disc sander for which I posted the similar attachment some time ago .This attachment works surprisingly well . Watch the video and see . Klaus
  9. Ridgid OSS Rolling Stand

    Here is my rolling stand for a Ridgid oscillating spindle sander. The cart has 3 full-extension drawers on heavy duty ball bearing slides. The wheels are Steelex double locking swivel casters in the front, and fixed casters in the rear. It is nice to have a dedicated space for all my sanding...
  10. Belt Sander - Edge Sanding Platform

    Belt Sander - Edge Sanding Platform I always try to get the most out of my power tools, and my belt sander is no exception. So I build a platform around my sander end a fence to allow me to do edge sanding and also to be able to use it as a stationary horizontal sander. The design is very...
  11. wooden jewelry

    I made this piece for my wife. I made some similar ones for our daughters that I wish I had also photographed. They are really just scraps of wood glued together with some patience, belt and drum and hand sanding. They are pretty fun as the shapes and look just evolve as I go. This particular...
  12. Edge Sander

    Edge sander jig for my old Makita belt sander. It's basically just slapped together from scraps. I did shellac the tabletop, though, for smoothness. My shopvac plugs into the side, with a hole directly underneath the rear wheel, drawing in all dust. It also functions as a spindle sander, to a...
  13. Walnut and Maple Tealight Candleholder

    This 5-tealight candleholder was made from hard maple and walnut. The strips of wood were crosscut and ripped on the tablesaw before glue-up with Titebond III and 5-clamps. The maple was 5/4 and the walnut was only 4/4, so I ended up cutting a strip of the walnut to set it on edge so as to be...
  14. Pen in a Box

    This was done with black walnut and rubbed with steel wool and vinegar solution. pens rose wood, big ben cigar This write up was done in my wood turning clubs news letter. (northwest wood turners, July)
  15. HF belt sander sharpening jig

    I recently watched a video by Capt Eddie about this method of sharpening my lathe tools. I also saw where Gerry(TheDane) set up his system. This spurred me into going ahead and setting up my sys. I bought the HF belt sander and installed the board on the stop. I drilled out the shallow holes...
  16. Wooden mallet by 11 year old

    My son Jonathan (pic #4) made this mallet for his sister for Christmas. She is a carver and needed a mallet. I made one for myself first while he was watching me make it. I made templates (pic #5) as I went. He cut the pieces on the bend saw. I have a belt sander in a home made holder where he...
  17. Edge Sanding Jig

    Simple to make with scraps, I came up with another jig for my 6" X 48" stationnary belt sander as shown on the self explanatory photos. Take note of the skew angle to keep the belt cool, even the wear and reduce clogs. This vertical jig, which mounts directly on the belt sander, is 18" high...
  18. Stone Inlay People into Walnut

    This was my first attempt at trying to capture realistic people in stone and wood. The routering of the design into the wood was definitely the most nerve-wracking part since every bit of wood that I was leaving was an integral line for the design. Usually I can move lines around a bit to...
  19. Checkerboard and Checkers

    The field of the checkerboard is constructed from maple and walnut. To separate the field from the border I cut some thin strips of purple heartwood and glued those to each piece of maple border. Then I mitered and fit the combined purple heartwood and maple pieces together rather than...
  20. Horizontal Belt Sander

    I've been wanting to get a horizontal belt sander for a while. I currently own a Delta shop master, which I hate. The motor is under powered and the disk sander never worked because the set screw flew out. I could never keep anything square and then finally a little while ago the switch...
1-20 of 154 Results