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  1. Wood Notebooks

    Made these wooden notebooks and filmed my first woodworking video for my new Youtube. Looking to make more in the future. Video Link Below KevBotWorkshop - Wooden Notebook Build Notebooks were assembled like small cutting boards, book matched, finished with Arm R Seal Satin. Pupleheart and...
  2. Business Card Holder or Wallet from Scrap

    Walnut and Maple business card holder. With just a slight expansion of the inner compartment it could be used as a wallet. Rare earth magnet holds the drawer closed when you don't want it open. Build video here:
  3. Graduated Strip Cutting Board

    I used to sell a lot of cutting boards of this design when my father and I ran a cutting board business together. I decided to capture the process in a video that I've posted on YouTube:
  4. Workbench Upgrade

    I read about this bench in FineWoodworking back in 2006 and have wanted to make it ever since. Having tried to build a couple of things on my rickety 2×4s with plywood on the top, I finally tackled it last week. It was a lot of fun to build, is about a thousand times more sturdy than my old...
  5. Rietveld Rood-Blau Stoel (Red and Blue Chair) 2/3 scale

    Sorry the photo's sideways. The idea of doing this chair is indebted to this blog post (where the plans are available). Scaling it to half-size seemed a bit small, so i made it 2/3 size. I think the most time consuming thing was shaving down the dowels. For some weird reason, the drill-bit sizes...
  6. Western Red Cedar "outside" table

    A long time ago (in this galaxy thank you very much) while on a bike ride, I passed a deck/patio table someone had tossed by the side of the road. Though whole, it was moldy/mossy anything that could grow on it had. But, we had recently had our deck picnic table demise so I put in a call to the...
  7. Oak Shop Stool

    I was finally ready to do a scrap wood project. My excess is in oak pieces. Now the title here says a Shop Stool so that is where it will go but the photo shows it off in the kitchen with the work center also in oak. the work top is oak and cherry and many coats of oil to seal the work...
  8. Beginner Scroll Saw Stand

    A very basic design that I found in the October 1996 Wood Magazine issue #91. I am short on space here in my basement of our townhouse. I needed a dedicated stand for my Craftsman Scroll Saw that I purchased a few months ago at my local sears. Got this for $65 bucks and some change, it was a...
  9. Wood & Lumber
    I am looking for a lumberyard other than Home Depot or Lowe's in the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area. Anyone know of anyplace in the area? I hear that there were several, but after the big box stores came, they slowly went out of business. Thanks,
  10. Blogs
    Making a Shadow Box With Splined Miters I made this shadow box to showcase my son's recent school accomplishments. I made the frame out of some oak I had in the shop. I added splines to the miters to give it some strength. This is a great afternoon project that doesn't take a lot of material...
  11. Blogs
    Shaker Style Table I made this tapered leg table to have a place to work, study and edit. The top is made of Sapele and the base is maple finished with milk paint. It was a fun project using a variety of machines and hand tools. Enjoy!
  12. Blogs
    DIY Bat Houses I made these bat houses over the weekend. Mosquitoes get pretty bad where I live and it is beneficial to have bats around as natural insect control. These definitely are not fine woodworking projects but they are fun, cheap and easy to make. I hope you like the video.
  13. Blogs
    DIY Desk From Crib Here is a great way to turn an old crib into a desk. This especially works when part of the crib is being used as a headboard for a full size bed and the 3 other sides are rendered useless.
  14. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    If this is the wrong place please move it, and maybe this is an old beat to death topic, but…. I don't think I am over stepping my bounds when I say people on this site are playing with fire. I have seen many projects that are decorated with trade marked college logos. Bad idea unless you...
1-14 of 14 Results