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  1. Tea cabinet

    My first tea cabinet. Curly maple I bought while I lived in New York and has been sitting in the garage in Sydney for 8 years. Ripped 6mm strips and laminated onto ply. Oil finish. I am really keen to see what everyone thinks of my first every project on the site. Kevin
  2. before and after 1

  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am sure we all have been there. We all have thoughts on how something will go and the reality…well…is a little different… Before - "I am glad I got these tools, it will be cool to make my own furniture…" After - "Why did I get these tools? I can't wait to make a board that is square…"...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Ive found an 8" delta rockwell jointer that im interested in buying, the lady that has it has a whole shop of woodworking tools from her late not sure the year it was mfg, ive tried to find it online but only found similar ones. it seems its from the late 60's early 70's. It runs and...
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    Recently my father passed away and I inherited his 10" Delta Unisaw It is on the roller stand and has a left folding down wing. I am all thumbs and would not be able to use it properly nor am I interested in that type of work. I would sell it for a fair price to anybody that would be...
1-6 of 6 Results