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  1. Live edge beetle kill pine sofa table

    This was my first real project. I welcome any and all criticism. Please let me know what you think I could improve on. I made this entirely from beetle kill pine. I bought all of the wood from Rocky Blue Woodworks out of Westminster Colorado. Those guys run a portable mill and have been...
  2. Live edge coat rack

    Made from beetle kill pine. Used a brad nailer to help hold the bark in place. Finished with Danish oil and sprayed 4 coats of polyurethane.
  3. Blue Pine and Sugar maple

    This is a butcher block made from Beetle kill pine taken out of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. The top is end-grain hard maple finished with mineral oil. it is removable in order to be easily cleaned.
  4. Beetle Kill Pine Table

    I made these 2 tables for my sister last winter. They are Beetle Kill pine from the rocky mountains. The lighting was bad, they are not really that yellow.
  5. Center Piece Candle Holder

    I ran across this candle holder in woodsmith magazine #182. My original thought was to make this out of a nice, figured, piece of curly maple that I had been saving for a small project like this. After getting the materials together, I did not think the 4/4 curly maple was thick enough to get...
  6. Small Beetle Kill Pine Bookcase

    Hello there my name is Wesley and I am a 25 year old amateur woodworker who lives in Steamboat Springs, CO. This is my first project that I've put on here so please comment with your critique, advice and opinions. I have been an admirer of this site for about a year now and I figured it was...
  7. Stylus - remade from store bought

    I bought a case for a touch screen tablet that came with a free stylus. The stylus felt very cheap and really not worth purchasing on it's own. I tore this apart and glued the tip into a piece of beetle kill pine I turned on the lathe. A few coats of CA glue and it is a new stylus that doesn't...
  8. Queen Headboard

    This is my first attempt at this style headboard. It's 64" wide, 36" tall and 12" deep. It's made of Beetle Kill Pine.
  9. Beetle Kill Pine Quilt Shelf

    This was built to display a quilt that was handmade by my grandmother. I used beetle kill pine and a walnut dowel. I glued it and used a pocket hole jig for all the joints. I key-hole drilled the back of the vertical board to hang it on. Finished it with danish oil and semi-gloss poly.
  10. the project that started it all

    Here are the vanities that got me started. The previous owner of my home gave me a nice foundation to start with.
  11. Blue Pine and Barnwood Memory Table

    A modified version of my interlocking joinery coffee tables, this one replaces the center panel with a box made of old pine barn boards, and a piece of tempered glass that lifts off. It is designed to hold anything you want to display on your coffee table without it getting in the way.
  12. Napkin Holder with a few extras

    Well, I started out with a couple of antique salt and pepper shakers from the thrift store. Wood is all beetle kill pine. Napkin holder is slab wood from a local sawmill. I leveled the base with a small router planer graciously passed to me from a good friend and neighbor, Thank You, Ted...
  13. Round beetle kill bar table

    Made a Beetle kill bar table for a friend of mine. Although the wood may not be the best choice for a durable table top, it has a look that many like. I selected the wood mainly foe the grain patterns and then planed the planed prior to glue up. Glued with biscuits and formed into a square...
  14. Finishing
    Hi, I'm new to working with Beetle Kill wood and am looking for tips on finishing a large amount of interior paneling. I want to achieve a matte finish that won't yellow overtime. I also wan't to highlight and preserve the unique colors of the wood. Because of the square footage I would like...
  15. Finishing
    Hello all…I've been lurking here for some time, what great folks and valuable information. While there are other posts regarding finishing t&g, I wanted to see if there might be some clarification or direction on my project. I am going to be putting up a large amount of blue in the ceiling and...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    I've been intrigued by the projects posted by RockyBlue and others using "beetle killed" Colorado pine. If you don't know, millions of acres of pine in Colorado and other western states have been killed by a pine beetle blight. A fungus carried by the beetle stains the wood with a blue streak...
  17. Wood & Lumber
    I am looking to purchase ~650 sq. ft. of Colorado Blue stain lumber (aka beetle kill) in the Denver area. Thinking about installing a T&G ceiling in part of my woodshop. Would need milled to at least S2S (1 edge, 1 face), I can do the rest. Anyone recommend a good source for this in Denver area...
  18. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi all, we just moved into a new house and have a small office/library room that I want to make a library bookshelf with extending desk in. The ceilings are really high (like 10+ feet) so I want to take advantage of as much of that space as possible, but obviously there is a limit to how high...
  19. Woodturning
    Just upgraded my 6" bench grinder to 8" slow speed, and am now looking at getting a CBN wheel. Not sure which grit to get tho. What do you have and what grit would you recommend? I'm thinking of getting just one to sharpen and I'll use what came with the grinder to do any actual "grinding" to...
1-19 of 19 Results