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  1. Popping my LJ's cherry with Beer Pong!

    First of all I would like to say, I am way out of my league here, some of the work that you post here on LJ's is absolutely incredible, I've been woodworking since high school and now I'm 31, but still have yet to really hone my precision skills, I've made tons of little projects but I really...
  2. Fraternity beer pong table 2x8 solid frame with keg tap and LEDs

    At Beer Pong Customs we build the highest quality and most unique tables availible. All of our tables are hand built with select grade lumber. We can add features like LEDs, graphics, ball washers, moats, keg taps, TVs, speakers, and more. Please check out our website to see...
  3. Jaguars Beer Pong Table

    I'm a huge Jags fan so I built a beer pong table to show that. It's made essentially from two cornhole boxes with folding horses underneath each to make it somewhat portable and easier to store. I covered it with about 3/8" of epoxy.
  4. Fox Beer Pong Table

    Built this table for a couple friends. They are big Fox racing fans. It's 8' long with folding legs and removable cup holders on each end. The whole thing is covered with epoxy and is surprisingly light for its size.
  5. Eagles wood beer pong table with LED lights and ball washer

    Check out to see a full list of our products.
  6. Blogs
    Trestle Table Style / Beer Pong Table (For a college student) My daughter wanted to make a beer pong table for her boyfriend's 21st birthday. The design goals were: The height and size of the table had to be close to regulation size Inlay cardboard box cutouts that he has collected of...
1-9 of 9 Results