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  1. DIY Wooden Beer Mug (No Lathe)

    Hi folks - had a fun time last weekend making a wooden beer mug from an old hardwood shelf my friend gave me. No lathe for this project - just 4-5 tools most woodworkers have around their shop. Thanks for watching!
  2. Family Coat of Arms

    When my brother turned 70 I wanted to make a special gift for him. Instead of the usual trappings displayed on a family crest I replaced them with some of his favorite things - a lobster, a beer mug an Irish hat and a shamrock. This was carved on my CNC. The wood is mahogany
  3. Beer Swap 2019, Beer Tankard and bottle opener

    Decided to participate in my first LJ swap and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Of course I decided to not make it easy on myself and picked something that definitely stretched my abilities. With the exception of the bottom of the tankard, all wood came from rough timber. Materials used for...
  4. Black Walnut Wooden Beer mug

    I tried my hand at making a beer mug for my brother out of black walnut that we had laying around. The mug has two distinct sides from one beautiful piece of wood. Turned on an old Craftsman lathe and cut out the handle on a 1960's Craftsman band saw.
  5. Oak Barrel Beer Mug

    I made this about ten years ago with some scraps that were kicking around my bench. I love using hand planes. So i decided to glue up the oak strips and use the plane to curve the edges to look like a coopered barrel. Matched the curve in the handle and used some dowels to attach it. I...
  6. Beer Mugs

    Beer Mugs made from Misquite.
  7. Ready for a Beer

    I made this beer tankard for my cousin. She wanted one that was made similar to a barrel so I cut staves out of white oak and glued them up with Titebond 3. I used TB3 because I wanted it to hold up to minor spills and cleaning (see my problem with glue up failure while turning posted in forum...
1-8 of 8 Results