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  1. Brewski Two

    Hickory birdhouse box. The roof was shingled with 82 different flatten beer caps. Door, back and floor accents were inspired by the bottle caps. They were cut with my CNC machine.
  2. Hatchet Camping Bushcraft History Grandpa Daughter Making New Handle Duct Tape Cover

    Project Story: If you are new to my keyboard dribble, I do apologize beforehand. Few people could find something to type about for 4,261 words when discussing a young girl's new hatchet….but I can. Some call it a gift, others a call it a curse. My goals in writing are to tell a heart-story...
  3. Blogs
    All the way from Denmark! A while back I asked for some beer bottle caps… Today I got a parcel in the mail from my friend, Dennis, in Denmark. Inside were a few sample caps from a local brewery.. Actually there were a heap of caps.. Also include in the care parcel was a plastic bag… And...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Since I am only 15 I am legally not aloud to drink alcohol and since I am busy making a project for my brother which includes beer caps I need some. I have looked on the internet (ebay etc) but have only found blank caps etc.The project I am busy on is a serving tray with a difference the backer...
1-4 of 4 Results