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  1. Spalted Beech Kitchen Table

    This kitchen table was made in the kitchen. As I live in apartment I don't have a shop to work with wood. I found spalted beech steps at local hardware store and cut them to size at the store. I also purchased there and cut to the size pine for legs and alder for the rest of the frame. Then at...
  2. Fowl up

    I don't get to do as much work on the scroll saw as much as I would like as I tend to spend a lot of time preparing turning work for the woodturning club competition. Anyway one of the family likes Chickens so this was made for her as a present. The chicken is Beech which I was going to stain...
  3. Homemade tool for turning wood

    Hello friends. Today decided to make a new chisel. I took the old tap and made with his chisel. Here's what I got
  4. Kerfing plane.

    Hello to all, this is the first kerfing plane that I made, it is inspired on theTom Fidgen´s one but with some diffrences. It is made with some beech that I had around and with a piece of an old saw. The saw is filled at 7 ppi. It works very well and accurate. I did not like the screws that hold...
  5. Endgrain cutting board for my brother

    First here are the specs on this board 9.5" x 12" x 7/8" woods used from left to right on the top (or bottom strip): cherry, mahogany, beech, maple, walnut, cherry (heart/sap interface), cumarau two coats of mineral oil and two applications of butcher block treatment I hadn't seen my brother...
  6. Dining Room chairs

    Here is set of 6 dining room chairs made of beech. Those chairs was designed to fit with a previously done Dining Table. And a small video of its build. You can download the plan by clicking on the following picture and after the big Orange button.
  7. Purple-heart & Beech Jewelry Box

    I made this two drawer jewelry box back in the mid 1990's, it measures approximately 16" wide x 9" high x 10" deep. The design is based on a box built by John Reed Fox, a featured artist in a wonderful book entitled "Wood Boxes Design & Technique" by Tony Lydgate. I chose to make my box out of...
  8. Bookshelf with handy side cupboard in iroko laminated with other exciting timbers

    A number of people have told me that although my boxes are nice, they aren't actually much use (thanks for that), so I've made this. It's a small bookshelf suitable for a bedroom or study (I would say). The thing seems to have been around and rather in the way for aeons; this job has been...
  9. Pizza Cutter - Spalted Beech

    Made this a few weeks ago, one of my first turning projects. Hardware is from Rockler and wood came from a big chunk of Kiln dried Spalted Beech. Finished with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish. I really like the long handle for cutting Pizza and it's nice for parties.
  10. A Modern Foot Stove..

    As you all probably know by now, it can be pretty cold on the lonesome hill here in Central Portugal. And although we have the modern comfort of electricity and internet, a lot of things still happen here as it did hundreds of years ago like warming the house with a wood stove. When it's really...
  11. cabriol leg table

    this round table is designed by myself and is my first design which had came to production. my friend made it acording my design. it has made of beech and finished mahogany. I would like to see what others think about it. thanks
  12. Woodgrain Dish

    Made this bowl out of scraps during my free time Wood used is Oak, Beech, Walnut, Cherry, Poplar, and Maple. NFS
  13. Spalted Beech Hollow Vessel

    This is a hollow vessel that was another of the 4 pieces I filled with Minwax pre stain conditioner. It helped a little bit with the end grain, but it is still punky in a few spots. It is made from spalted beech and finished with EEE and Shellawax. I added some pics of the boring of it with the...
  14. Hardwood desk tidy for pens and pencils

    A box designed as a desk tidy for pens and pencils, which also includes a little cubby hole for an eraser. It has a simple lift-off lid (the lid and base has two notches for correct alignment). This intended to grace any desk top and help keep the build up of clutter under control. The box in...
  15. Turned “Classic” Style Spalted Beech Rollerball Pen

    Turned "Classic" Style Spalted Beech Rollerball Pen OK, here is one of my first WOOD, higher level pen turning. (Not including the failed Dovetail pen attempts as noted in my Blog) Turned from a blank of Spalted Beech that I had to stabilize myself during the turning process. It has quite a...
  16. Stand for a smartphone in the form of a carpenter's hammer

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of different pieces of wood left in my workshop and that they would not be thrown away I make different small souvenirs with them. I represent to your attention one of them.
  17. TWCA Cam Cover

    After making a handle for my TWCA Cam, I thought I'd better protect the cutting edge before it gets dinged so I sketched out a number of designs and this was the one I chose to take forward. It is made from an offcut of sapele with a little bit of beech for the toggle. I drew out my design on...
  18. Block plane #17

    Dunno if this is the 17th block plane I've made, but it's probably pretty close. I made this plane for the April 2017 Surprise Swap. I don't know why anybody receiving something from me would be surprised to get a plane, though :-) I've made two or three in this style for previous swaps or to...
  19. Safety Gate

    As my one year old daughter found the joy of climbing the stairs at home, I had to hurry up and finish a safety gate - a project on my task list since she was born. The design process took me a while. Besides the regular need to meet the taste of my dear customers - family, I had to solve some...
  20. arm in arm sofa

    this 3 seat sofa is classified as chepindal. I put this project because of it's amazing design. it has made in Iran and I finished it in mahogany. I personally like this sofa. what do you think?
1-20 of 500 Results