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  1. Osage orange and curly maple cutting board

    First cutting board ever from osage and hard maple cut at home and milled in small boards on my bandsaw. Tools used: Craftsman 14 inch bandsaw Porter cable 6 inch jointer Handheld belt sander
  2. Small projects from a Black Cherry burl

    All of these items were made from a medium sized black cherry burl I cut off and saved from firewood a couple years ago. It was a very good find, and had some really beautiful grain. I made a small personal jewelry box, turned a couple pens, made some women's rings and a bracelet.
  3. Cholla Cactus Bangle

    It's made from the Jumping Cholla Cactus skeleton which grows in Arizona cast in Allumilite dyed epoxy resins - This is a Rose color. Check it out and my others on Etsy: Thank you
  4. Desktop Forklift

    I made this project for my girlfriend. She always loved watching me drive a forklift and this was a good way for her to remember me every time she sits down at her desk =). The "unit" on the forks has room for business cards and the back is a pen holder…made with various woods, pine, cedar...
  5. End grain island top

    This a 3.5 inch thick x 5 feet long x 26 inch wide African mahogany island countertop I just finished with food grade mineral oil. This guy is somewhere around 130-150 lbs.
  6. Mantle Clock

    Made this beautiful clock in woods class, gonna look great in the house. I chose the orange glass to really grab people's attention. The orange reminds me of mars kind of. I used African Mahogany with a Red Oak trim with an oil-based polyurethane finish. Really took my time with this one and it...
  7. Step Stool

    I just figured I would upload this for you guys that find it. It took about a month to make it, but a few hours of total work time, excluding the time for stain and Formby's Tung Oil to rest. Made of Red Oak and stained with something called Golden Oak, this stool is easily in the top 2 of the...
  8. LightningWood Dinner Table

    table renovation , started out with green sides and legs, and brown top - the legs i sanded and electrocuted, the sides got sanded, stained, then sanded again, and the top just got sanded and all poly'ed.
  9. Woodturning
    Hello, I am preparing to make a breakfast table based on the table in the attached photo. My table will be round and supported by a single 5 1/2" diameter turned leg. The original table clearly had legs that were turned using a single solid blank. I am drawing a blank finding a lumber yard that...
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    50 States of Natural Wonders Absolutely Amazing spots in every State in the USA This will take some time, so, sit back and enjoy it. Interesting and beautiful. Enjoy!
  11. Blogs
    had this piece-a-wood with me for nearly 20 years ... still hasn't found the right project had this piece of wood with me for nearly 22 years … still hasn't found the right project Got this piece of white ash when we lived in Denver. Bought it out of a short box at Paxtons Beautiful Hardwoods...
  12. Blogs
    Easy way to finish your finish Here is a really easy, simple, and cheap way to take your finish one step further and get the ultra finish. Ok so maybe all your doing is giving it one last rub down, but take the extra step to get a nice clean and smooth final finish. Click here for the video.
1-12 of 12 Results