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  1. Labor Day Weekend Dock Project

    This was really more of a carpentry project, but it met the criteria for posting. This dock replaces the old, basic dock that had rotted away and posed a danger. Dimensions are a large 16' x 12' with a 2ft cantilever over the water. The two outer corners were cropped to 45 degrees. I found a...

    This table and matching benches were fabricated for one of our customers. It is 12' long and 4' wide.
  3. Scarf joint ceiling beams

    Made some hallow beams for the ceiling of my house. Made out of douglas fir and pine barn boards. Corners are miter joints rolled over with a screwdriver and hooked together with a locking scarf joints. Sanded, stained natural, and finished with 2 coats of gloss polyurethane. Beams are...
  4. salvaged wood wall unit

    made from salvaged pine beams lightly planed and sanded for rough aged look cabinets on bottom for storage fireplace surround is waiting for stone veneer to be finished
  5. The Andersen Project

    The Andersen Project This kitchen remodel was one of many projects on this complete house gut and remodel. We added level beams to the existing ceiling which was way out of level and bowed 1" in the middle. The cabinets are made of rift sawn oak. . . The...
  6. Silver Maple and Epoxy End Table

    I know its been a while since I've posted anything on here but I wanted to share a project I finished up a while ago. My wife had been wanting one of my woodworking pieces to be in our house for once instead of other peoples. So I came up with this one for her. This was part of the slabs from...
  7. Craftsman Tappered Columns

    Tell Me What you Think I would Really would like to Know There are 5 of them. Plus the Ceader Foe Beam scarfed, construction adhesive, and hand nailed. These are the templates I made from 1/8" hardboard, roughed the blanks out, then I just pattern cut them on the table saw Column Corner...
  8. Salvaging History

    I am looking for free or decently priced barns/barnwood/beams. I am making my own furniture as I love to work with my hands and my budget is next to nothing :D I am starting with my bed frame which I have detailed plans for. Along the way I would love y'alls advice and any thoughts or ideas on...
  9. Of Kings & Queens

    Built before announcement of challenge09 but made totally of scraps. Thanks to Gary K for the Insight on how to put Fabric on Posterboard then to Wood. Made of Walnut(leftover from End Table I Made), QS Sycamore?(Pallet), Cherry?(Pallet). Finished with Tung Oil & Clear Laquer. Held together with...
  10. Hammer Beams

    As I mentioned in the Celtic Cross project… this project originated as part of my church sanctuary expansion. Built in the same manner as the sanctuary cross… I fabricated this set of four (4) hammer beams to anchor a set of faux ceiling beams. All are made of red oak. And then for a little...
  11. Book Shelf

    This was my first try at a book shelf for my sister. It was made with some scrap slabs of maple and cherry that is why it is two different stains.
  12. Campsite Family Sign

    While camping in the Adirondacks a couple years back, we found a large deadfall Birch with the bark still intact. Needless to say, I was able to salvage two large pieces of bark, one which eventually became this sign. The bark is glued to a piece of scrap OSB, the letters in local Maple...
  13. Honey Dippers

    Just a couple of honey dippers that I made for my wife. She liked the padauk one too much to use it, so I made one out of maple. The soft red maple really had a hard time with the skew, and I had to redo the head of the dipper because of gouges. Thanks for looking!
  14. Single Board Side Table

    I saw this table that Michael Pekovic presented in Fine Woodworking magazine and was immediately taken with it's simple elegance and beauty. I was unsure whether I had the capacity to create such a fine piece of furniture, but did have the desire. Once I began to assemble it and found that all...
  15. Another variation on FLW Lamp

    i. changes to top cornice 2. View of fluorescent candelabra bulb and base structure Oak sides and scrap wood base 3. Lit lamp.
  16. Baby cradle

    This is another toy for my daughter. This is all oak the hearts are inlayed and they are wallnut and purple heart. The finish is a tung oil. I use alot of tung oil for most of my projects.
  17. Tiki Hutt Installed/Has a New Home

    Well, this Tiki Hutt made it's way to Staten Island to it's new home. See our other projects at
  18. Lateset milling project, 18,000 board feet of Pine

    This is an 18,000 bdft project of Ponderosa Pine that will go to flooring, siding, roofing and framing of a remodel and some new construction for a rustic cabin near Yosemite. All of these trees were removed for fire clearance and are considered salvage logs since none of the local big mills...
  19. Kitchen Woodwork

    Here is some of the woodwork in my kitchen, built in 1980. The cabinets and trim are Pine ( Yes Jim, I use pine in my house. I save the special exotics for jigs-Go figure) The ceiling is tounge and groove Ash that I made. The beams are some Oak left over from jobs. I used narrow strips and glued...
  20. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Ive been trolling your forum and scouring the web for a while now trying to find some answers … I hope someone can help….and possibly tell me something i "want" to hear! ;) lol Im building a Im in the process of building one of these greenhouse designs above ( 14' x 20' or similar design)...
1-20 of 33 Results