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  1. mallet

    mallet for chiseling out dovetails.
  2. Coffee Table

    We bought a run down old place at the beach and needed to start furnishing and decorating it. What better way to do that than to grab leftover wood from the shop and throwing one together and getting exactly what you want? :)
  3. "Piece of a Beach" Shells with LEDs in a Rustic Picture Frame

    I made this frame using scraps and shells I collected. I used LED lights under shells. I used epoxy to mimic a wave. Its for WFC (Woodworkers Fighting Cancer) drive this year. Please see the video as well at
  4. Repurposed kitchen table rock turtle in epoxy

    Repurposed tile top kitchen table… idea after wife found this table at yard sale and she wanted to replace the broken tile on top.. she wanted to replace with cobalt blue tile which was super $$$ and no one carried.. so I had cobalt blue spray paint just so she could see color before...
  5. The Throne

    This is a chair I built a few years ago out of beach. At the time I thought it was maple. All the lumber was 2×4 that was salvaged from an old church. I made the chair to fit over a standered toilt. Why, why not LOL. All the joint are mortise and tenon. The seat is split in two and hinged on the...

    Hi Everyone Finally getting around to posting the rest of the 10 series of small boxes I made, one of them did not make it for the photos. All are 5 by 8 by 3 1/2", give or take a bit, and are of the same construction. Box joints, raised floor, mitered paneled lid with a lip cut to fit...
  7. Beach Theme Murphy Bed Loft | Custom

    What is it? Is it lockers? A loft? A Murphy bed? It is all three. This is a loft bed with an added murphy bed on the lower section. It is based off my baseball loft murphy bed. It is similar in the design I just changed the theme and overall look. The inspiration came from Pottery Barns...
  8. Walnut Beach

    This is pen # 3 from my "Beginners Pen Making Kit" I purchased from Busy Bee Tools. My co-worker gave me a couple of pieces of Walnut and American Beech, so in return I will be giving him this pen made from that wood. This is a Standard pen (the kit contains 5 of them), and I attempted some...
  9. Life's A Beach

    I made this for my cousin. She love's the beach. Wood is Cherry. CNC work and hand painted. Finish is Natural Danish Oil.
  10. Writing Desk

    This project was for one of my favorite clients. The desk is made from recycled Ipil, Narra and Ebony. It has a total of 20 drawers and two hidden compartments. The flap has bread board ends. Two drawers are for files and the client requested locks on these two.
  11. Mermaid w/ Conch shell base

    A Mermaid that I made for my wife. I forgot what type of wood it was but the color is natural. The piece I used had all sorts of cracks making the wood not really usable for much else so I ended up inlaying copper into the cracks. The tail is actual a second piece that I added at an angle to...
  12. Beach Driftwood Pen

    This pen is made from driftwood I collected while on vacation at the beach in Florida. It was fun to see what was underneath the worn gray exterior of the driftwood. The little critter holes add to the character of the pen too. Did you know that collecting driftwood may be prohibited in some...
  13. Letter Holder

    We were always ending up with a pile of letters on the entry hall table. So I took inspiration from a photo I saw and made up this letter holder from scrap wood
  14. Backing Out Plane

    Hey Guys, Here's that backing out plane that you guys were asking to see. The body of the plane is beach, and hand rest as well as the wedge are teak. This plane is very comfortable and does its job very well, the sole of the plane is convex making backing out planks much easier, although...
  15. Joe's Display Case

    Hi All I am very pleased to have Joe's Display Case completed, it was most definitely a labor of Love, and a lot of work. I engineered this project from the ground up, with the inspiration of Joe's vision of a display case. He explained to me how he would like something of the Frank Lloyd...
  16. more building blocks

    i was asked to make a set of building blocks for a lady with some grand children….and like any sensible person she liked simple toys that only need imagination to work…not batteries that refuse to die or a wifi link….i found some old table legs and a off cut of a beach work top and a cutting i...
  17. Gwiz Tap Handle

    This is the tap handle I made for my Dad's Christmas present. The Gwiz Family Tap handle. The lighter wood is Beach Wood, the darker wood is Mahogany and a Purple Heart collar. You can see the making of photos here:
  18. Driftwood/Douglas Fir Bentwood Ring

    Here's my latest! went to the beach today with a little knife, to see what's inside all that driftwood. Well here is what it looks like on a ring! posted my instructable on the whole thing >>>here!<<< for the ring instructables contest. The best part is revealong the inside of the driftwood...
  19. dog food dish and water dish

    got bored and desided to make some bowls. using them for the dog
  20. New Wood Entertainment center and Coffee Table

    Most of our projects are built using reclaimed lumber, but sometimes we enjoy the challenge of doing something with new wood direct from the lumber mill. We were asked to design and build a matching entertainment center and coffee table for a condo near the beach in Florida. What we ended up...
1-20 of 39 Results