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  1. Walnut Bangle Bracelet

    A few days ago my wife asked if I could make a "chunky" bracelet and showed me one of her plastic ones. What would any of us do except to say "YOU BET" and run out to the shop and then try to figure it out - I mean she just gave me a great excuse to spend a few more hours playing with walnut...
  2. Wheel Base for B&D Workmate

    That B&D Workmate is such a handy tool, but heavy to move about, especially when I have a tool on it. It is of a great height for things like my sander or planer. Lower than bench top height. I got this idea somewhere and finally got a round tuit. Just took a 3/4 plywood and cut to square...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    hey there all, I have been looking for a while and need some help. I have been told that hp is not all to look for in the power of a router. I want something to be versatile and be a great router for time to come. I have 2 routers that I am eyeballing because of build quality. I don't really...
1-3 of 3 Results