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  1. Battle shots

    A few months ago my brother approached me to build him a drinking game for an upcoming Jack and Jill party we were attending. While it wasn't the most elegant build, it gave me an opportunity to get used to my craftsman contractor saw, and the work flow of my new basement shop. Others on this...
  2. Battleshot Game

    My wife saw this on the internet and wanted me to make one. I'm afraid to try it out…she may beat me!
  3. Tailgating Battleshots / Beer Pong Table

    Here is my completed Battleshots / Beer Pong set. I have been wanting to make a Battleshots set for a while but when I saw a similar design, knew a multi-purpose portable table would be ideal for the man cave, parties, and of course hauling to Tuscaloosa for a little tailgating. I went with...
1-3 of 3 Results