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  1. Journal Reviving a Ryobi 40V Battery

    I have a Ryobi 40v chain saw that has seen only occasional use. When it was new, the 4ah battery that came with it seemed to give me 30 to 60 minutes of use per charge depending upon how intense the cuts were. Continual cross cuts would give me about an hour, sometimes more, while ripping...
  2. Battery & Battery Charger Cabinet

    Cordless Tool Battery and Charger Shop Storage Cabinet I.Problems: A. No central location for battery chargers or batteries placed around shop on counters and benches. B. Wood dust on and in chargers. C. Remembering to keep batteries charged. D. Remembering to not leave batteries on...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I'LL BE GOB SMACKED. Has this ever happened to you? This is not about woodworking. It's about eBay and some of the crafty people on it. I consider myself a thrifty shopper and spend time looking at critiques as well as costs to get the best bang for my buck. I have owned a Schumacher...
  4. Focus on the Workspace
    Hello everyone, I just completed a video on my mobile battery storage and charging station. This idea could be used in a workshop or trailer as well. I have been using this setup for about a year and it has been great. Thought you would find interesting! Thanks. Battery charging / Drill Station
  5. Blogs
    Electrolysis Power Supply from Re-purposed Computer Power Supply One of these days I plan on using electrolysis to remove the rust on my modest antique tool collection. However, I don't own a battery charger and see no need to purchase one, so I decided to use the power supply out of an...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    OK, I'm tired of getting the cordless drill out and find the batteries are shot! I'm going to splurge and get a lamp timer and plug in the charger. What do you recommend for a daily shot of electricity per day? I have two batteries.
1-6 of 6 Results