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  1. carving or marking knife

    Here are some knives that I made from some reciprocating and jig saw blades. I drilled out the handles and put epoxy in the holes then put a pin though just to be safe. These are just general purpose knives that I use in my shop not to pretty, but get the job done.
  2. Wine barrell stopper

    Cool idea I came up with. Ok, so maybe it's been done, but I made it from oak stave construction and I havn't seen one just like it.
  3. More Piggy Banks

    More piggy banks for the flee market, the last photo is of one I completed earlier. I sprayed a different finish on it. Hopeful thay all sell.
  4. Battery Storage/Dispenser Unit (VIDEO)

    Video can be found here: Storing batteries can be very dangerous, especially 9 volts. 9 volts are particularly dangerous because they have both the + and - terminals right next to each other. This can cause these batteries to easily contact something conductive and heat up extremely fast. This...
  5. Cordless Drill Station

    Been needing one of these for a while. Meant to put drawers in, but now will probably just leave as is. I like being able to see inside the cubby. Drawers would hide too much. It's just banged together from scraps laying around , but sure does help keep the shop organized a bit better. At...
  6. Oak Crib

    If any of you are also on reddit you may have seen this one already but I wanted to get it posted here too. Over the last couple months I've been spending most weekends and some weeknight evenings working on this crib for our first kid due 11/15/2015! The whole thing is made of red oak that I...
  7. Battery Box

    This is just a plain simple battery hold box I modified to hold extra AA & AAA batteries. I copied the plans from one of the wood magazines and made it just a bit bigger. I use a lot of batteries. I added the extra spaces for my rechargeable batteries but haven't put them in yet. Thanks for...
  8. Guess Room completed!

    Now that I know i can crank out these furniture pieces pretty quickly I'm gonna start focusing more on my craftsmanship. More dovetail joinery, less kreg tools, and more desirable woods(less poplar). I am still very excited about woodworking as I climb the experience ladder. Here's a full...
  9. Battery organizer with easy battery loading

    To try to coral the various batteries, we though of building a sort of dispenser that would organize the batteries and make it easy to find out which we were low on. Many such organizers are available in plastic but are not very pretty. I wanted an organizer that could be hung on the wall in...
  10. Hobby/Stick Horses

    Hobby Horses made from yellow pine for toy drive.
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    My drill is shot, getting DeWalt replacement, can anyone use these batteries? If so, message me and we'll arrange a time for you to come get them, am in Princeton just off Route 1 in the QB mall vicinity.
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Last night I went to Home Depot intending to buy the 18 Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Drill. However, they only had one left, and the box looked like it had rough time. The sales guy showed me a bundle that came with what seems to be the new 18V Lithium-Ion Max Compact Drill/Driver (R86007) and a...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Since I have joined the digital age in the wood shop I now have to deal with batteries for a lot of things. I have two digital protractors ($20 for one and the other one for free), A digital Angle gauge (Wixey) and a digital height gauge for the Planer and Router table. I think that's it, but...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Ridgid cordless drill. Its a 14.4 volt nicad model about 5-6 years old. The batteries are showing signs of wear (less power, not holding a charge for long). I signed up for the lifetime warranty, but I am not sure what to do. Hopefully you guys (or gals) can point me in the right...
  15. Blogs
    How I rescued my Portable Drill Press Boys and Girls, One of the best drills I owned in the past was this Triton drill. However, it goes back to the days when men weren't pansies and had the fortitude of lifting up a heavy cordless drill in one hand. While every time I picked it up, I got a...
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    hi i have being trying to post a project every thing seems fine when i click the preview button i can see the photos but when i click post the topic i keep getting this error in red 1 error prohibited this project from being saved There were problems with the following fields: Project must have...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    OK, I'm tired of getting the cordless drill out and find the batteries are shot! I'm going to splurge and get a lamp timer and plug in the charger. What do you recommend for a daily shot of electricity per day? I have two batteries.
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Ever had a battery go bad? I had two Ridgid batteries go bad. They were not part of the life time guarantee so I had nothing to loose. I was at Menards the other day and they had Tool Shop 18 volt Lio Ion batteries on sale for 14.99 each. I picked up to. The pack is very similar to the Ridgid...
  19. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I just got an email yesterday from Ridgid. Their power tools are up to 30% off depending on how much you spend through 5/6/09. It even says free batteries for life :-))
  20. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hello all LJs About 7 years ago i bought two makita cordless drills. I did this so i did not have to look for the right battery. I would not say that these have seen a lot of use but they are used. So i have 4 batteries and now 2 of them will not take a charge at all and the other 2 do not seem...
1-20 of 20 Results