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  1. Projects Santa from Start to Finish

    This Santa began with a sketch on a block of wood. The wood was 3 x 6 x 12 inch basswood. I next cut it out with a bandsaw. Then I started the time-consuming removal of waste wood. I didn't take photos of the santa clamped to my workbench so I could use by gouges on it. Because of...
  2. "Twisted Santa ornament"

    This is an "icicle" style ornament that my daughter loves, so I am surprising her with this one that I just completed especially for her a few minutes ago. It will be attached to a package my wife will be giving her tomorrow at her holiday wedding shower. She doesn't know that I have worked...
  3. Ten Commandments chip carving

    In March I decided that I would chip carve the 10 commandments in a wooden scroll for this years large carving. It's been a long drawn out journey but I finally completed it just in time for the first woodcarving show. This is all 8/4 basswood glued together to make the 28" wide x 36" tall...
  4. "Infinity-2" carved wooden box (2017)

    "Infinity-2" hand carved wooden box. Box material: linden (basswood). Box sizes: Length and width: 6 cm (2,36"), height: 5,3 cm (2,09"). Finish: Danish oil, box is lined with cotton cloths. Technique: chip carving. The box in my Etsy shop. Thank you for looking!
  5. Persian King Number One

    This is the first of two Persian king carvings for a custom column that I am making for in a customers home. The carving is 18-in. x 24-in. and the stain will match the gray slat color on the artwork. To seal the wood I brushed on a conditioner on both sides of the 2-in.-thick basswood. This...
  6. "A window into the garden" wooden box (2017)

    "A window into the garden" hand carved wooden box. Box sizes: Outer sizes: length: 29,2 cm (11,5"), width: 14,7 cm (5,79"), height: 11,1 cm (4,37"). Inner sizes: length: 25,4 cm (10"), width: 12,5 cm (4,92"), height: 6,7 cm (2,64"). Box material: linden/basswood. Finish: Danish oil, box is...
  7. Santa With Tree

    Santa with Tree…5" tall from a Mike Shipley pattern. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylic washes, Deft satin spray, BLO/Burnt Umber antique, 3 coats of Deft satin spray.
  8. KAKA ZHI (Tractor Zhi) ;-)))

    One day project for 2 year old child Linden. No coat. In plans carve lips, draw eyes. PS and how many times a day do you see 'Cars'?? ;o)))))
  9. Bellamy Eagle

    Worked on this eagle based on the work of John Haley Bellamy of Kittery, ME (1836-1914). His carvings of eagles have fetched up to $650,000 at auction. Carved from basswood and mounted on a Bradford Pear slab. It was painted with some old oil paints we had laying around from my wife's hobby...
  10. Scrap wood beer tote with bottle opener and fish engraving.

    Hi, here is the beer tote which I made from scrap wood with small fish pattern made by power engraving tool. Fish pattern found in the internet and it's not my project.
  11. Boo!

    This is a little pumpkin head carving, 6 inches tall, carved from basswood. I used a Mitch Cartledge rough out I picked up at RWR last month.
  12. Steinfass ( Stone Holder)

    I was asked if I could make a Steinfass. My first questions were what is a Steinfass and how many? Steinfass means stone holder. This is a traditional tool used by farmers to hold the whetstone used to sharpen their scythes. I made this from select northern basswood and is 12 1/2" tall, 2 3/4"...
  13. Santa's Elf with Hand Truck

    This is one of Santa's Elves, moving presents around the warehouse using a hand truck. The Elf is carved from basswood, stands 5.5 inches tall, and is painted with acrylics. Claude
  14. "Compatibility in Incompatibility" carved wooden box (2017)

    "Compatibility in Incompatibility" hand carved wooden box. Box material: basswood. Box sizes: Length and width: 6 cm (2,36"), height: 5,3 cm (2,09"). Finish: milk paint and amber varnish; box is lined with linen cloths. Thank you for looking!
  15. Santa with Toy Bag and Stick

    This little Santa measures about 5.5 inches tall, carved from basswood, painted with acrylic paints. Claude
  16. Bench top down draft table

    I built this bench top down draft table for sanding finish work it has a port for my shop vac hose and a waste gate to hook up the palm sander on a small hose ,the peg board works real good to suck all the fine dust into my dust cyclone that I built from a street cone. I can sand with or...
  17. Dragonfly Wall Art

    This Wooden Wall Hanging Dragonfly is hand carved and created using a 3D intarsia effect . This Dragonfly and Cattails are made from Padauk and Maple set on a Basswood live edge Oval. The Dragonfly and Cattails are hand painted with oils and the entire piece is finished in lacquer to protect...
  18. The "FOOL"

    This is a mask styled after old European tradition. Not as good as the real mask carvers do, but still freaky looking.
  19. Hibiscus Box

    A simple hexagon shaped box with a Hibiscus flower I stained onto the lid. This box was made out of bass wood.
1-20 of 500 Results