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  1. Wood Slab Counter/Bar Top

    This counter/bartop is made from walnut and is 12' long. It has a simulated live edge. It will be finished and installed by its owner.
  2. Live Edge Bartop - Sofa Bar

    This was a custom project for a home theater. The owner wanted a custom bartop that would sit behind a large couch which was directly in front of their home theater screen. We settled on a design that would allow bar stools to sit under the bartop at a normal bartop height of 43". The bartop is...
  3. Bartop for kitchen

    Nearing the end of a 2yr total house remodel and needed to get this built. Reused 125ish year old TnG pine that used to be interior wsll covering. Thought is share. Better pictures than resent posts, wife took pictures, she loves it.
  4. Finished diamond steel bar top

    The finished product. Well almost, guess I gotta go back and tear off the end piece the owner doesn't like the joint on the end and wants a full piece. But other than that I think it turned out well.
  5. Poplar vessel

    I recently acquired some big poplar logs from the community transfer sight after a big storm. Most people go there to get firewood and leave the crotch wood pieces because they are too hard to split. I get a lot of interesting turning stock this way. I have never turned poplar, but it is a...
  6. Living Room cabinet

    This is my second attempt at raised panel doors. I created my own jig for my Delta Unisaw to make raised panel doors on the table saw. These are the largest doors I've made in raised panels. The first attempt was considerably smaller. My 14-year old son and I worked on this off and on for...
  7. Oak Bar Re-facing

    A little earlier today I posted in someones blog about bar tops and it got me thinking about a project I did a few years ago. I had just been laid off after 11 years as a PBX/telecom tech and was living off of some severance pay. I was working at my friends custom kitchen shop for free lunch...
  8. Joinery
    Over two years ago I had a few walnut logs cut into both 5/4 and 8/4 boards with the 8/4 being all live edge. I sold almost all of them due to time constraints on my part not being able to get into woodworking like I wanted to. What I have left is six 8/4 slabs that are approximately 15" wide x...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Fellow LJs, I'm building tables and need to find a company to top off my tables with a hard, clear bartop coating like you see, well, IN BARS. I'd do it myself but, it's very messy and the tables are the shape of Texas or any shape the person wants. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and...
  10. Joinery
    I am wanting to build this bar top out of cherry. it will be 3/4" thick with a 1" x 3" skirt around it. I was hoping to make it a 1" or thicker top, but the lumber I have is just not going to give me that. Anyway, I am looking for any advice you might be able to share on building this in the...
  11. Finishing
    I am finishing a tiger maple bar top and want to pop the grain. I plan on using trans-tint dye to start the grain popping process. I have heard that I should then use boiled linseed oil to really pop the grain. My concern is that I plan on top coating with a 2 part clear epoxy, and I am...
1-11 of 11 Results