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  1. Cooper Project: Torii Stairwell Barrier

    This is a stairwell barrier that I designed and built based on a Japanese torii gate. It is made of black walnut, black walnut veneered panels, brushed steel, and 1/2" tempered glass. You do not need to have a handrail and balusters for a stairwell barrier. The clients wanted something unique...
  2. Acrylic Barrier

    Here's the acrylic barrier I recently built. It's basically a plastic shield to help block the spread of germs and viruses. Many businesses are adding them to their counters to keep their workers safe during the pandemic. I'm sure this could be a useful project for people to make and sell this...
  3. Blogs
    Glazing When framing anything using glass or acrylic as the glazing, there should be an air gap of at least 1/8" between the art or object being framed and the inside surface of the glass. This is to prevent moisture, from the condensation that will almost certainly occur, from transferring to...
1-3 of 3 Results