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  1. Wooden Hair Clips

    First, I started by re-sawing some cutoffs and turning blocks I had around the shop. This was mulberry, walnut, sycamore, pine and some dogwood. I passed each piece through the planer to give it a good gluing surface. Then arranged the pieces and glued them together. After the glue dried I...
  2. Wooden Hair slider Barrette, MariyaArts

    Material: Light Teak Wood Measurements: stick: 6.3' (16cm ) ring, internal diameter: 1.97' (5cm )
  3. Hand Carved, Wooden Hair Barrette, MariyaArts,

    Material: Boxwood and Semi Precious Tiger's eye Measurements: 4.33"/ 1.97"(11cm/5cm) stick: 6.1" (15.5cm)
  4. Two-tone Wooden Barrette

    I made this barrette with reclaimed oak, and a layer of poplar in the middle. I think it turned out beautiful! I used E6000 to glue on the back. It is a "spring-clip" style metal barrette.
  5. Blogs
    Barrette. A Gift to my beloved wife. Also, on YouTube: Barrette. A Gift to my beloved wife. white oak, woodfinish - natural wax and plant pigments. in project used anatomical features of the head, the hair amount...
1-5 of 5 Results