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  1. A table for the family.

    Here's a table for the family. Made from Arizona woods I grabbed from AZWoody here on the forum. It's **************************************** eucalyptus and cottonwood. Top is attached with figure 8 fasteners, mortise and tenon everywhere else. The finish is blo with arm-r-seal gloss. I've never done anything with a gloss so...
  2. Reclaimed table with breadboard ends and matching bench

    This table is a trestle style table made with hand hewn barn beams for the legs. The beams came from an 1800's barn and there were 80-something rings on the wood - these things probably started growing in the 1700's!! It was really cool working on them. The one piece still had an original...
  3. Reclaimed Lumber!

    REBARN'S Reclaimed Antique Lumber Warehouse! Grey board, brown board, red board. Hemlock and pine barn board.
  4. Barn Beam Benches!

    These are various benches made from barn beams reclaimed from demolished Ontario barns. Most barn beams and barn wood we get in is from the 1890s.
  5. Barn Beam & Threshing Board Custom Desk Builds!

    Two desks I built for a home office in Burlington. Both are made of reclaimed threshing boards and beams. The long desk is 11 feet long.
  6. Barn Beam Skin Console Tabel!

    This nice little console table is made from a barn beam skin. What is a barn beam skin, you wonder? Well…we rip barn beams through the saw mill to cut them into planks. Resawn beams, right I usually cut the outer skins at 2" in thickness and then the inner wood to 1-1/2" or 1" thickness...
  7. Finished Mantels On The Bench!

    Various shapes and sizes…stained and drying on the work bench. All made to order.
  8. Salvaging History

    I am looking for free or decently priced barns/barnwood/beams. I am making my own furniture as I love to work with my hands and my budget is next to nothing :D I am starting with my bed frame which I have detailed plans for. Along the way I would love y'alls advice and any thoughts or ideas on...
  9. Reclaimed Barn Beam Dining Table

    This was a commission table built of reclaimed barn beams and hand forged metal legs. I did the table top and my friend did the legs. The table top was finished with Danish oil and many coats of polyurethane. The customer wanted an industrial farmhouse table and I talked her into letting my...
  10. Wood & Lumber
    I need help Identifying some barn beams. They are from a barn in Watertown MN. I was told they are red oak from the barn owner. It looks like red oak to me. I just want to be sure.
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    Recently I gained access to a "pile" of old oak barn beams that were salvaged from a barn 30 years ago (It was over 100 years old when they demo'd it). They have been stored indoors for that period of time, so they are certainly dry. I ran out and bought myself a 14" delta band-saw (used) with...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    Wondering what you all think the best saw to use to break down 3/4 ply, other than a table saw. Ryoba Saw, or another hand saw? I hate tablesaws personally, but if power is the "only way" would a high quality circular saw be the best choice? Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results